Off Road and 4x4 Driving Adventures

For many local and international travelers, the best way to explore a country or region is behind the wheel of a 4x4. South Africa has a very diverse landscape, creating thrilling 4x4 trails for all levels of experience and a variety of tour operators specialize in this exciting form of exploration. If you want to join a guided 4x4 group or challenge yourself and friends to a self guided tour, South Africa has just the right adventure for you, and with hundreds of campsites throughout South Africa, 4x4 enthusiasts will always have a road to travel and a place to rest.

It is advised that first time 4x4 drivers join a guided tour, so they are able to practice their navigational skills, driving skills and test their endurance. It is also an activity that the entire family can enjoy, with each family member being given an important role to fulfill during the journey. Getting close to nature, having fun and challenging adventurers is what 4x4 driving is all about, and South Africa is filled with untamed beauty to discover.


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