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Johannesburg is a city that is just bursting with life. It is a place where you will find an unusual mixture of joy, sorrow, riches and poverty. For many budding artists, it is these contrasts which inspire and excite them. This city is a muse, a place where freedom of expression is expected and new ideas are embraced with open arms. There can be little wonder then, that Johannesburg has some of the top art galleries in the country.

One of the most notable art galleries in Johannesburg has to be the Absa Gallery which is owned by Absa Bank. At about 20 000 individual artworks, this corporate collection of prints, sculptures and other artworks is said to be the biggest collection of its kind in the world. The more officially noted Johannesburg Art Gallery, however, is the stalwart of the city’s artistic community. Featuring art by international big names like Rodin, Picasso and Moore, as well as local art by famous artists like Piernief, Sokoto and Batisse, the gallery is simply amazing. If all you get to see in the bustling city of Johannesburg is these two galleries, it will be time worth spent. However, if you have a bit more time available to you, there are a number of worthwhile galleries to visit in and around Johannesburg.


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Carine - 2011-04-04 12:09:38

I started painting since 1993 when I was in Gr5. My biggest dream now is to get exposure, I am still painting. I can send photographs of a few excellent paintings.

Reply to this comment Team - 2011-02-16 07:38:53

Thank you for visiting and posting your comments. Please note that we do not represent any of the art galleries. You will need to contact them directly with your enquiries. Best wishes, Team

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Jorrie Jordaan - 2011-02-15 14:04:37

I have a original painting by Cecil Skotnes . I am selling it on behalf of my mother . Background: My great Grand Father (S.J.R. Voster ) worked at an art gallery in JHB during the late 1940`s, shipping and receiving art from all over. He met Cecil Skotnes who gave him this painting and it was passed on in our family. In 1999 I met Cecil Skotnes at his home in Cape town, and showed him the painting. He still, after all those years remembered my great Grand Father S.J.R. Voster. Skotnes reframed the painting and cleaned it for my mother. Cecil Skotnes started his career in 1950 and the painting was done in 1949. This painting is in our family for 62 years.

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