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Keiskamma Trust Uplifts The Community

In 2002 a trust was established by Carol Hofmeyer to assist in uplifting the local communities of the Eastern Cape. The mission statement of the Keiskamma Trust, located in Hamburg, states that the trust aims to encourage hope and provide support for the vulnerable. They work to address issues of poverty and disease by means of holistic programs and partnerships.

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Roxette Live in South Africa

Songs such as It Must Have Been Love, Fading Like A Flower, Listen To Your Heart and Dangerous not only become massive hit singles for the band Roxette, but have been etched into the hearts and minds of fans all over the world. Seeing them live on stage is the dream of many Roxette enthusiasts, and next year fans in South Africa will have the rare opportunity to buy tickets to the three shows that the band is planning to include for their world tour. South African fans will have the chance to see these iconic figures perform their most memorable hits and it is guaranteed to be an event to remember.

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Riding For Horses

All through the countryside, horses grazing in green paddocks, looking peaceful and well fed are a common sight. Their gracefulness and beauty captures our imaginations. At one time or another, many of us have enjoyed the thrill of these magnificent animals, either by riding them or simply spending time interacting with them. However, there are many horses out there that don’t lead the ideal life, that suffer greatly under the unkind hands of humans. Others are affected by illnesses such as the potentially fatal African Horse Sickness (AHS).

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Fossils - Linking the Past to the Present

Mankind has always been fascinated by the question of ancestry, with paleontologists regularly turning up finds that fill in the missing pieces of the puzzle of how humans have developed and adapted over centuries. One such valuable find is the Australopithecus sediba fossils discovered in August 2008 at the Malapa Fossil Site in an area known as the Cradle of Humankind, located around 45 kilometers northwest of Johannesburg. The first specimen of a hominid clavicle, mandible and canine tooth was discovered by Professor Lee Berger's young son Matthew, with further related fossilized remains later being unearthed by Professor Berger's team.

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The Wonderful World of Birds in Hout Bay

With more than 3,000 birds and small animals, representing over 400 different species, housed in more than 100 spacious beautifully landscaped walk-through aviaries, World of Birds in Hout Bay, South Africa, offers visitors an exceptional up-close encounter with nature. Visitors are invited to enjoy the fascinating private lives of birds as they sing, feed, display, socialize, build their nests, incubate their eggs and raise their young in this tranquil tropical haven.Read more..


Escape to the Peaceful Village of Paternoster

There are few destinations around the world that remain completely untouched by modernization and technology. To find a village that looks and feels the way it did when it was first established is rare, and in South Africa one of those idyllic destinations is Paternoster. A mere hundred and fifty kilometers outside of the bustle of Cape Town lies the small fishing village of Paternoster. Its magnificent beaches, tranquility and beautiful landscapes transport visitors to another world.

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A Soweto Story

Every one knows the heart warming story of Romeo and Juliet, the feud between the Montagues and Capulets that tore the love struck couple apart and led to their tragic demise. It is story that has been retold in so many different ways, but never with a touch of Africa. In March 2007, the South African musical version of this epic love story opened at the Nelson Mandela Theatre, as the Soweto Story.

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