Blood Orange - Gauteng, Johannesburg

Theatre - Gauteng - Johannesburg

When: 20h15 to 21h30, Thursday, 24 January 2008
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Where: The Market Theatre, Johannesburg, Gauteng


Blood Orange, directed by Greig Coetzee and performed by the talented Craig Morris, is the adaptation of the well known author Troy Blacklaw’s debut novel under the same name. It’s the adventures of a little boy, Gecko who sees the world in a differen

Nothing will ever quite seem the same, the world and what it stands for will become a unique tale once you experience the vivid world of the little boy who goes by the name of Gecko. It seems quite extraordinary as you see the likes of the legendary James Dean or the well acclaimed writer Wilbur Smith being introduced into the storyline, but then again you would never expect to see an opening scene of a man landing on the moon or the surprising ending of Mandela riding off on the back of a mermaid to freedom!

This intriguing presentation is set in the artistic arena of ‘The Market Theatre’ where the widely recognized Director Greig Coetzee has received both local and international acclaim for many of his works. Some examples of these are ‘White men with weapons’, ‘Happy natives’ and ‘Johnny Boskak is feeling funny’.

Craig Morris is certainly a man of great talent, with the impressive performance in the internationally recognized ‘Cirque du Soleil’ to which he was selected. It is thus not unexpected that his performance in ‘Blood Orange’ should be something very special. So do yourself a favour and make your way to a performance which is literally going to change the way you look at the world around you, especially once you see it through the eyes of Gecko.

Ticket prices range from R40.00 to R110.00


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