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nahtan 17th May 2005 08:19

Let there peace, sisters and brothers of the world.
Sisters and brothers of the world,

Let there be peace! Hatred generates more hatred.Past mistakes should be discussed, and apologies should be made to the victims. One should not seek avengence. If you do, then you are resorting to the same behavior as the perpetrators of the misdeed. I am a person of Indian descent now living in the USA. At one time I was prejudiced against the Afrikaners.
After having met some of them (who eventually became my friends) I regret that I had
harboured such thoughts. Members of this group have the same flaws and admirable qualities as members of any other group.They are not less intelligent now more intelligent than any other group. There were many Afrikaners who expressed revulsion and fought against the inhumane sytem of apartheid.

There would be little progress in S.A. unless all races are willing to accept the other races as part of the country." Live and let live." Violence seldom brings reward.

I find some of the opinions expressed in the forum filled with hate.Pause a bit before you express such animosity.


kiwi_girl 23rd October 2007 07:57

hi there I am from New Zealand and I am impressed with what you wrote.
It is true.
And it is sad.
There is hatred spoken here.
I followed a link to a short video from this site and I found it really disturbing.
Racism is worldwide, not just in Africa. We still deal with it in my country, but I must say, it is not as extreme.
What a shame.

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