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Victim of the UNHCR

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Old 17th August 2012, 19:53
abteka abteka is offline
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This President was supposed to leave his post on summer 2006. I was the most active candidate. I have reacted for the problems of many of our community members, so I have got a good impression in the eyes of our compatriots. Because of this many were ready and planning to elect me as a President and they have asked me my agreement in prior.
I know very well that the staffs of the Odessa migration Department, the partner of the Regional UNHCR office in Odessa - the Sympathy fund and the Staffs of the Regional UNHCR themselves didn't like my election as a President. They thought that if I will be the President of our NGO they will face more problems. Analyzing all these situations I have proposed our President (2004-2006) to support the election of the Sudan man as a President. I have come to this option, because I afraid that again our NGO may fall under the control of these IMPOSTERS.
This Sudan man is not able to read and write in English and Russian language as the President (2004-2006) did and he was in need to get a support. In addition to that he doesn't know also how to manage on personal computers. So I have agreed with our President (2004-2006) to assist this man in case if he will be a President. Since this new President knows little about everything I asked the President (2004-2006) to give me the E-mail of the association . He agreed with me.
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Old 17th August 2012, 19:54
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On the meeting of the EC of our NGO 14 August 2006 (after the election has passed) the former President (2004-2006) told the new (current) President not to give the E-mail of our NGO to anybody (he mean to me). Why ? What does it mean ? .... If this E-mail will be in the hands of the current President then we will be unable to do anything. We were supposed not only write protests as these IMPOSTERS have directed us only with that direction, but:
--- I was having a dream to form a good communication with the business men of our country of origion and start a good business with them.
--- I was having a dream to form a communication with national and International humanitarian organizations and funders, get grants and solve the problems of our community.
--- I was having a dream to search and find vacancies on the Internet and solve the the problems of our community in such a way. For all these dreams I was supposed to get the E-mail of our NGO. Because the staffs of the Regional UNHCR office didn't allow or like our goodness and betterness their long hands have reached to Odessa and make my dream a dream. I understand what does this mean and I stopped my participation in our NGO. But I was assisting our compatriots individually for more than four months. Better to cut-off your relation with this NGO and start life in another way, but this doesn't happen.
The former President has told members of the EC of our NGO on 14 August 2006 that his participation in the EC will be limited in the future, but he will agree with all decisions, which we will come and decide. Why then he has agreed, when members of our community have elected him as a member of the EC if he is not able to work ?
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Old 17th August 2012, 19:55
abteka abteka is offline
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During the Presidency of the former President, the EC has done his permanent meetings strictly. From seven members minimum five people attended our meeting. A meeting, which will be held by the presence of less than five people is not legal.
The former President has disappeared from our meetings. Not only he, but two of his best friends also have disappeared from our NGO and the meetings of the EC also. This means if all the rest members of the EC will come to the meeting of the EC, their number will not exceed four. This is not considered as a legal meeting and can't adopt a solution.
This has been done deliberately. This accurately planned conspiracy has come from the office of the great UNHCR. One of the member of the EC is living far away from Odessa. That means only three have left and this was a very hopeless event. Three people don't have any right to do anything. I have understood what a Satanic mission is being experienced by the staffs of the UNHCR. I have understood in 2005 that there is something a problem in the UNHCR office, but I was suspecting the National staff members and not the International staffs.
The UNHCR has used our President to divide the EC of our NGO and make it fruitless. They have conspired to stop the activity of our NGO.
The former President (2004-2006) have done a lot of things to consolidate our community, but because of the bandit activity of the Odessa Regional migration Department, the partners of the the UNHCR in Odessa and the UNHCR office itself, many of our compatriots afraid to attend our day-to-day activity, in our annual meetings and other activities. Many members of our NGO, who have been supported by the great work of our former President (2004-2006) have come to the side of these bandit organizations and become a headache for him. How could it be ? We are helping them and they are destroying us. Yes, now this former President (2004-2006) itself has become a bandit. What he can do ? To live a safe life in this world a person must be a bandit and cooperate with bandits. Not with bandits, who are fighting with ..... hiding themselves in the forests and mountainous area, but with bandits, who are hiding themselves in the deep forests of our civilized cities and are using the precious principle of Democracy and Human right as a great weapon.
Our former President has become the right hand of bandits. Look: During his Presidency he has got a continious and strange call from some strange people. They have vowed to kill him. On an occasion they even arrived his home and make a very big scandal. Because of this scandal he has been evicted from his flat by his flat-owner. He considered that this is the hands and the activities of the Odessa Regional Migration Department, the hands of the partner of the UNHCR. Concerning this, he has sent an E-mail to the Representative of the UNHCR office at that time to Mr. Guy ouillet and he has made me a copy of this E-mail. Now he is the best friend of these men. He is living in the accommodation center, which is managed by these people (from 2006 till now continiously. Almost for seven years.) I have asked them to be accomodated more than two times and you know from my posts what they have replied me.
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Old 20th August 2012, 23:07
abteka abteka is offline
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Posts: 38
On December 2006 The Representative of the Regional UNHCR office for Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine Ms. Simone Wolken arrived to our town - Odessa. Ms. Simone invited me and some other refugees in a restaurant and talk about the situation in Odessa. It seems that she is not happy, because I inform her office everything, which is happening in our community.
This day at night Ms. Simone invited the Presidents of all NGOs in Odessa and asked them not to let others to write and annoy her. She told them that "Only Presidents of a NGO may write and inform me about what is happening". The President of our NGO told me the next day about this.
Here take an attention: Our President is not able to write in Russian and English language fluently and he is not able to manage personal computers. In addition to that the E-mail of our NGO is under his control. How could this President will inform Ms. Simone Wolken about a human right violence or anyother request if something will happen ?

The UNHCR officials have conspired and not allowed me (anybody) to use the E-mail of our NGO. Because of them and their evil conspiration our NGO has become blind, deaf and dumb. Understanding this evil step, I started to inform them what is happening in our community using my E-mail, since it is their responsibility to solve these problems. They were too angry, because if something will happen they aren't able to say that they never know anything about this.

Very interesting, but our former President (2004-2006), who has fled from our NGO and become the reason for the disappearance of two of our EC members has been invited to various meetings in Kiev and in Odessa after he has left his post (neglecting our NGO) and he has informed the UNHCR office a secret things, which still now we don't know about its content. In one side Ms. Simone has restricted others except Presidents to communicate with her and in the other side she secretly made a meeting with this former President and collect unknown informations from him. I have protested this kind of activities of the Regional UNHCR office many times and all these corespondence are documented. The former President has a special and secret communication with this organization, which has took a very serious responsibility to assist refugees equally independently their origion, outlook , position in the society and wealth; but the UNHCR has become a father for some and a step father for most of us.

to be continued
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