"Soweto and Jo'burg" Phileus_fogg's photos around Pretoria, South Africa

A TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow of a travel blog to Pretoria, South Africa by TravelPod blogger Phileus_fogg titled "Soweto and Jo'burg". TravelPod is a company of TripAdvisor™. Phileus_fogg's travel blog entry: "No more tents, no more air mattress, no more sleeping bags, and no more cold showers! The camping was fun and I am glad I experienced it and would probably do it again, but for now I am glad it is over. I arrived in Johannesburg and headed straight to Pretoria as I wanted to avoid what is considered one of the most dangerous cities in Africa. During the 45 minute drive to Pretoria from the airport I could finally understand what people had told me about South Africa being more organized and developed. The fact I was on a 6 lane highway pretty much says it all, since throughout East Africa and the rest of Southern Africa we were always on 2 lane roads and mostly filled with potholes. The next day after waking up in the hotel, ahh it just feels good to type that, I arranged a visit with a local taxi driver (Moses) to drive me around the township of Soweto. The townships are where the Africans had to live during Apartheid and Soweto is the most famous of them. While Moses was driving me around he was giving me a little history of the area and the times of Apartheid. To be honest it didn't look all bad. I guess having traveled through East Africa and seeing the conditions to which they live makes a South African township look like Beverly Hills. Other than some ...



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