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Thanda Private Game Reserve RSA 2013 [06:58]
Safari in South Africa Feb.2013 Grace as guide to find the Big Five We did unfortunately not find the Leopard But it was a great safari with fantastic nature and animals.

LUX* ISLAND LIGHT ALL AFRICAN FRIENDSHIP CHALLENGE 2013 - 20TH ANNIVERSARY INTERNATIONAL SHOW JUMPING SHOW 9 Days of magical fun 3 days consisting of riding loads of excursions and loads to do. for the night animals.... don't worry the night life is there. and one of our guests is quite well acquainted with the night life of Mauritius.

Kruger National Park [01:00]
Some of the magnificent animals to be seen in the Kruger National Park in South Africa.

Adventures in Africa II [19:29]
Photo-montage of adventures in South Africa, Zululand, Swaziland, Botswana, and Zambia. Capetown, Johannesburg, Pretoria, the Drakensburg Mountains, the Zambizi River, Victoria Falls, and LOTS of wild animals, including "The Big Five": lion, African elephant, Cape buffalo, leopard, and rhinoceros.

At Ebute Water Front in Ikorodu area of the Lagos state, young Kosoko has already put in place facilities worth millions of naira for his zoological garden. Christened origin gardens, the place is located in such a way to help tourist and visitors relax while savouring the beauty and elegance and the movement of the sea as well as having enough time to see the animals as they gyrate in all manner of mesmerization. For Abiola Kosoko, the idea began thus: "This zoo is the type of dream I have throughout my school days. And anywhere that has been forgotten I've always wished to add life to it in terms of development and expansion. I tried this the first year, that was some nine years ago and it did not quite click. Then when Senator Ahmed Tinubu became governor in 1999, I approached him with the idea of this project. But his advisers told him I was a land speculator and so they should shun me. That was when I decided to go on with this project alone", he disclosed smiling. "That was why I had to buy this piece of water front with my own money. I bought it then and waited for six months so that I could get some animals to fill the place. The intention was for me to start making money from it immediately and so from 22 ndDecember 2006, the animals were all in cages, chained because greater part of the land was not developed. But then we needed to take off. And you will not believe it, from that 2006 December till 2007 January we made close to N600,000. And that was how we ...

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