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The British colonial authority spread the rumour in the colony that one mungp Park discovered river niger.Old tales....the natives have lived in the banks of river niger for ages. The Niger River is the principal river of western Africa, extending about 4180 km (2600 mi). Its drainage basin is 2117700 km (817600 sq mi) in area Its source is in the Guinea Highlands in southeastern Guinea. It runs in a crescent through Mali, Niger, on the border with Benin and then through Nigeria, discharging through a massive delta, known as the Niger Delta or the Oil Rivers, into the Gulf of Guinea in the Atlantic Ocean. The Niger is the third-longest river in Africa, exceeded only by the Nile and the Congo River (also known as the Zaïre River). Its main tributary is the Benue River. Mungo Park who was credited as being the first Westerner to encounter the central portion of the Niger River was a Scottish explorer of the African continent. In 1794 Park offered his services to the African Association, then looking for a successor to Major Daniel Houghton, who had been sent in 1790 to discover the course of the Niger River and had died in the Sahara. Supported by Sir Joseph Banks, Park was selected. On 21 June 1795, he reached the Gambia River and ascended it 200 miles to a British trading station named Pisania. On 2 December, accompanied by two local guides, he started for the unknown interior. He chose the route crossing the upper Senegal basin and through the semi-desert region of ...

Franschoek Pass - Mountain Passes of South Africa [04:24]
One of a series of Mountain Pass driving videos showing GPS, safety, technical and historical data in text overlay. The Franschoek Pass is also called Lambrechts Road, but a hundred and fifty years ago it was known as Olifantshoek (Elephants corner) as large herds of elephant used to roam these valleys and mountains. Their path over the neck was followed by herdsmen and later by settlers on horseback. It was only in 1822 that Lord Charles Somerset issued the authority for the pass to be built. Major Holloway was in command of the Royal Africa Corps at the time and these soldiers built this amazing pass including a very unique bridge at Jan Jouber's Gat which is still in use today, making it the oldest 'in use' bridge in South Africa. It's a pretty spot and well worth the stop. There is a plaque at the little stone bridge commerating the achievements of the pass building soldiers. It was the main pass for travellers from the east getting to Cape Town. Once Sir Lowry's Pass was built in 1833, the traffic was split between the two passes. There are many safe places to stop and admire the breathtaking views of tumbling rivers through steep gorges, but the view from the summit is the coup de grace with wide views over the wine farming valley of Franschoek and beyond. Getting there: From Franschoek drive till you get to the T-Junction at the Huegenot Memorial. Turn left onto the R45 (or Lambrechts Road as it is known) and this where the pass starts. Once one crosses the river ...

2012 South Africa Prep [02:14]
Despite forecasts of rain for this late March Sunday, the weather turned out to be mostly sunny and warm. But instead of being outside enjoying the weather, flying, or even inside watching the NCAA March Madness craziness, I was sitting at my kitchen table planning a flight--the old fashioned way. I spent a couple of hours referring to old flight training text books, digging out my broken and bent plastic plotter, and downloading the Sporty's E-6B app for my iPad. All this to show the South African authorities that I know how to plan a round-robin flight. It's a long story, but the video explains more. And you will undoubtedly hear more about the trip in upcoming videos and in AOPA Pilot.
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Meetings Africa 2012 Walkabout - Day 1 [02:16]
A short walkabout in the Meetings Africa exhibition hall during the first day of the event.
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