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Southern Right Whale off the coast of South Africa.m2ts [01:50]
Filmed from Cliff Lodge, Gaansbai, which is a small town about an hour and half from Cape Town. Hermanus is more famous for whale watching, but we saw lots from this lovely B&B (rated as one of the top 25 B&B's by Trip Advisor). We watched from the shore but you can go out in boats to get closer to the whales. It's magical to hear them at night. There's also a beautiful and wild coastal nature reserve that you can walk to from Cliff Lodge.

SA BOAT RIDE See South African Boat Launch [17:41]
See how boats are launched and beached in South Africa where we don't have all that many marina facilities available. Most of the popular sites use a beach entry and exit.

Cape Town Waterfront [02:01]
From the waterfront at Cape Town, South Africa we see boats moored, Waterfront Residential / Marina, Shoreline Cafe, Dry Dock, Seals and clouds rolling over Table Mountain. Video taken using a Sony HDR-SR12 Handycam.

Lisa & Yonatan Do Africa [15:11]
Make sure you select 720p HD for best quality when viewing. It was half way through my honeymoon when Lisa and I were talking with Mr. G., one of the resort managers, who had traveled the world for business and pleasure. Lisa said to him, "wow, you've been everywhere. If you had to pick one place in the world as your favorite, which would it be?" Without hesitation, he answered Southern Africa. As soon as we returned, we began dreaming about our next vacation and merely one year later, we realized this dream. Due to time constraints, we had to fit our trip into a two-week period including travel. This did not leave much time for relaxation, but it left a ton of time to experience Africa! Our trip included visits to Cape Town, South Africa and its suburbs, Chobe National Park in Botswana, Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, and Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe. Jeeps, 40-seater propeller planes, boats, and helicopters, allowed us to experience this continent from many different perspectives. As a photographer, I spent many months planning for this trip. Figuring out what equipment to bring and what equipment to upgrade to. Knowing that it would be many years before having this opportunity again provided great incentive to get it right the first time. Although my camera never left my side, I made sure to put it down and pick up my binoculars or just take in the whole scene without a lens to magnify things. Upon returning home, I had over 4500 photographs, quite a bit of high ...

agullas wreck 2012 06 21 13 34 14 [00:35]
This is the wreck of the fishing boat Meisho Maru wrecked near CapeAgullas, South Africa in 1982. Cape Agullas is where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Indian Ocean. It is a place of wild beauty and savage seascapes.
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