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Africa 2012 [01:40:53]
South Africa: Jul 25-Jul 26; Botswana: July 26-Aug 2; Namibia: Aug 3-Aug 12; South Africa: Aug 12-Aug 15
Tags: Botswana, Namibia, South, Africa, Victoria, Falls, Motion, GPS

A Safari to Victoria Falls, Botswana and South Africa - July 2012 [05:01]
The following footage was shot by Epic's Managing Director, Brad Horn, whilst guiding clients on a tailor-made itinerary through Southern Africa. It was an action packed trip that took in the highlights of the region. It included some epic experiences.
Tags: safari, zambia, Victoria, Falls, Botswana, Okavango, Delta, Sabi, Sands, South, Africa, Cape, Town, zambezi

Big Boy I Do Africa Adventure [08:07]
Big Boy South Africa got together with two brave young newlyweds who decided to tour Africa on a motorcycle for their honeymoon. They chose a Big Boy CGL150 to do it, basically a delivery bike / daily commuter. This short video sums up their incredible journey which took them from South Africa all the way to Egypt, TWO-UP on one bike.
Tags: bike, motorcycle, touring, adventure, riding, crashing, africa, safari, big boy, big boy scooter, big boy motorcycle, big boy motorbike, egypt, tanzania, namibia, botswana, zimbabwe, zambia, kenya, uganga, rwanda, ethopia, sudan, south africa, must watch,

Steam at Selebi Phikwe, Botswana 1998 [11:00]
A few scenes of the surface railway workings at the Bamangwato Concessions Limited copper mine at Selebi Phikwe in Botswana. In 1998, the mine had several 19D locomotives ex-South Africa, plus ex-Zimbabwe 19th class locos and 3 x 14A Garratts on the motive power roster. We see a ex-NRZ 14A and an ex-NRZ 19th in action in various places on the railway system.
Tags: steam, 19D, 14A, zimbabwe, south africa, botswana, selebi phikwe, copper mine, railways, Africa, Train, Railway, Trains, Station

African Safari in South Africa Amazing Wildlife [01:57]
A Video of some of the best wildlife in Africa. If you are planning a trip to South Africa, Botswana, Kenya this is what you can expect to see.
Tags: safari, south africa, kenya, botswana, africa, tourism, safari in africa, safari in botswana, safari in kenya, lion, elephant, giraffe, leopard, wild beast, hunting, hunting in africa, wildlife, outdoors, tourism in africa, travel to south africa, nature,

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