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London and Paris Holiday 2010 [01:52:04]
London and Paris Holiday 2010 This particular film portrays an adventure enhanced from the Köhler family at the city of London and Paris. The day we flew to London was during the 2010 soccer world cup on the match between South Africa and Mexico. The match resulted in South Africa drawing with Mexico and there was an enormous crowd cheer t Johannesburg Or Tambo International Airport South Africa, which is where we were flying. The airline we flew to London was Iberia; the national carrier of Spain and the plane we flew in was an Airbus A340-600. Since we were flying at night and there was no fear of been jetlagged we slept throughout the flight. When we got to Madrid International Airport Spain we took a connecting flight on an Airbus A321 to London Heathrow International Airport. After we arrived from the airport our friend Mignon drove us to East Putney where we stayed in a flat and it was amazing. Later we were given the surprise of going to Disney Land Resort Paris a day later. We were all excited for the trip, we boarded the Euro Star which took us from London Grand Central Station to the main train station in Paris France. From there we boarded another train to Disney Land Resort Paris. We stayed at a 2 star hotel known as Sante Fe. We went on all sorts of rides in the park like the Hollywood tower and the space mountain mission 2. The Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show is a performance show at the Disney's Hollywood Studios theme park in Lake Buena Vista ...

Conquering the Cape Peninsula [02:45]
Venturing south from Cape Town, we were the first people to set foot on the Cape Peninsula in ages. Three seconds to be exact. The first stop was Hout Bay. I hopped a boat to Duiker Island. There, cape fur seals in solidarity with the Occupy Movement have occupied the island (right on, comrades). Then to Simon Town and Boulder Beach. Here a colony of penguins have claimed the continent as part of Greater Antarctica. Carrying on, on clunky bikes we rode a few kilometers through landscape like the Scottish moors (och aye, and not a piper to be heard... nor Mel screaming) to Buffelsfontein for eating. Finally to the Cape of Good Hope, The southwestern tip of Africa. The Atlantic and Indian Oceans really meet further east at Cape Agulhas. But if you can't make it there, you can pretend you saw the oceans kiss. The musical accompaniment is Lighthouse by The Waifs. Created: 25 February 2012

Along the Garden Route, South Africa [04:39]
South Africa's southern coast. A trail known as the Garden Route. My journey begins in Hermanus, where right whales swim close to shore watching humans watching them. Then further along to Mossel Bay, with its aboriginal cave beneath the lighthouse occupied for thousands of years. Then the museum complex with its replica of the Bartolomeu Dias used by the Portuguese in 15th century exploration of Africa. Wilderness with the cool name. And a crazy squatter, known as the Cave Man, homesteading in an abandoned rail road shed and his sea shell and driftwood art. On to Stormsriver to zip through the tree tops of the Tsitsitkamma forest. A confrontation with a troup of baboons. Finally finishing up in Post Elizabeth - and I was never seen, nor head from again. The musical accompaniment is Fever by Sarah Vaughn, remixed by Adam Freeland. Created: 26 December 2011.

Shrewsbury away at the world cup south africa [01:48]
Bouldy on the piss on Long Street, pledging his Elegance to Wales.

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