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CageDive 2012 [04:46]
Dec 16, 2012. Cage Diving with Great White Sharks off the Coast of South Africa. This was a birthday gift from my daughter Shevaun to me on my visit to Cape Town. We were cage diving with Great White Shark Adventures, about 2 hours east of Cape Town. As in the video, we did manage to see a couple of small great whites which was a thrill. The ideal time to see them would have been around October as they migrate through following the seals. Seeing the sharks up close was still exciting, but be warned, the water temps are 13-14C and it was quite chilly even with the supplied wet suits. After half and hour in the water, it was a releif to get out and warm up again. This was filmed with my GoPro2 and my Nikon P7000. Enjoy!

Shark cage diving in Gansbaii, South Africa [01:25]
Quality time with Matilda, a huge great white shark

White Shark Cage Diving in Gansbaai , South Africa (GoPro) [05:17]
My first GoPro Hero 3 White Edition Tour. Cage Diving in South Africa Gansbaai with White Sharks ! Enjoy !

Freewalker Exclusive Tours, South Africa [02:32]
Freewalker Exclusive Tours Freewalker offers exclusive luxury tours between the Eastern Cape to Western Cape, providing clients the finest in terms of services and lodging. We pride ourselves on our flexibility and tailor made packages that are personally designed with the clients, thus making sure it will be their dream vacation. These uniquely diverse, multiple day adventures are designed to generate a deeper appreciation for the natural beauty, abundant scenery, historically rich-cultural backgrounds, and spectacular wildlife, all along indulging in the best adventure activities South Africa has to offer. What to Expect on Tour Freewalker allows clients to completely sit back and enjoy their holiday worry-free, while we ensure every detail is covered. We at Freewalker make it our personal interest in guaranteeing a fun adventurous tour for the entire family. All aspects of travelling are covered, from vineyard tours to eating out at some of the best restaurants South Africa has to offer, shark diving, paragliding, scenic hikes, whale watching to name but a few, relaxed coastal walks, sunset cocktails, massages and treatments, educational culture trips to must see spectacles, luxury shopping and pure relaxation. With our personalized touches and knowledge of the country side, we pride ourselves on your absolute enjoyment. How the tours began Two childhood friends with mutual passions and trust in one another, came together to make their dreams a reality. Through the ...

South Africa - Shark cage diving [02:30]
Afraid of sharks? Don't be, you're behind bars as you dive into the ocean to get a true close-encounter shark experience. Follow Betina on her first shark adventure in South Africa.Get inspired: Read about South Africa ( Get inspired: Tours and activities in South Africa (

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