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Panoramica of Port-au-Prince from Boutilier, Haiti [05:27]
Port-au-Prince desde Boutilier, Haiti em 20 de janeiro de 2011.
Tags: port-au-prince, panoramica, haiti, porto, favela, terremoto, earthquake., air force, sailing, boats, africa, guinea, kenya, south

Seaview Game Park - Port Elizabeth, South Africa (seaview lion park reviews, sea view game park) [00:56]
A TripAdvisor™ TripWow video of a travel blog to Port Elizabeth, South Africa by TravelPod blogger Ireneshoemaker. See this TripWow and more at Seaview Game Park "Wednesday Feb. 24th 2010 Port Elizabeth, South Africa We are now 50 days into the cruise, and today we arrived in Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Province of South Africa. Port Elizabeth is located on Algoa Bay. Besides being nicknamed "The Friendly City," It is called "The Windy City." One more windy place! Port Elizabeth, a relatively new town, was founded by Rufane Donkin ( acting Governor of the Cape Colony) and 4000 British Settlers. Because Britain was fighting the Boer War they built a concentration camp here. In 2001 PE, Dispatch and UItenhage joined together to become the NMMM , or the Nelson Mandela Metropole. Another interesting fact: the furthest deaths attributed to the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami occurred at the Blue Horizon beach, outside Port Elizabeth, 5000 miles from the epicenter of the earthquake that occurred off the western coast of Northern Sumatra, Indonesia. The ship provided a shuttle ride to the Boardwalk at the beach, just 15 minutes away from the dock. The Boardwalk consisted of a landscaped water feature surrounded by shops, children's rides and restaurants. There really wasn't much going on, and the stores were just stores, so we went to the beach where we had lunch on a bench overlooking the ocean. On the way back from the beach we met a taxi driver in a ...
Tags: seaview lion park reviews, seaview game park, seaview game reserve, seaview game park review, sea view game park, seaview lion park map, seaviewgamepark, sleeping lion, lion sleeping, game park, black people sleeping, seaview game and lion park, tiger in

God Walked Out [03:38]
contains gore dont watch if ur weak of mind
Tags: haite, god, obama, bush, illuminate, gay, matthew, shepard, rainbow, lounge, earthquake, aids, children, starvation, africa, ethiopia, PACO, south, america

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