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Hungry lions [01:04]
Pride of 16 lions feasting on a buffalo.

CageDive 2012 [04:46]
Dec 16, 2012. Cage Diving with Great White Sharks off the Coast of South Africa. This was a birthday gift from my daughter Shevaun to me on my visit to Cape Town. We were cage diving with Great White Shark Adventures, about 2 hours east of Cape Town. As in the video, we did manage to see a couple of small great whites which was a thrill. The ideal time to see them would have been around October as they migrate through following the seals. Seeing the sharks up close was still exciting, but be warned, the water temps are 13-14C and it was quite chilly even with the supplied wet suits. After half and hour in the water, it was a releif to get out and warm up again. This was filmed with my GoPro2 and my Nikon P7000. Enjoy!

LNER A4 60009 'Union of South Africa' & 'The Christmas Yorkshireman' (RYTC) (WHISTLES) 22/12/12 [01:25]
Today saw another steam railtour in the midlands, this time it was LNER A4 No. 60009 Union of South Africa & the '1Z72', "The Christmas Yorkshireman" (RYTC). It was Steam hauled - London Victoria - York (not return). Well where do I start? The 22nd December 2012... The weather was unimaginable today, it had been continuously raining since about 3am and everywhere was sodden, hense the water droplets on the lense (sorry about that). What made this day even worse was when a huge long wheelbase Transit came roaring over the level crossing at about 40 and then went straight into a 1ft deep puddle in front of me, even though every other car went around it, I got abit wet! This will be the last of mainline steam this year for me, and today was the day I decommisioned my Camera, as i have purchased a Canon 650D for christmas. I hope next year will be better weather wise to say the least! But, BRING ON MAINLINE STEAM IN 2013! Merry chrismas and a happy new year. Enjoy. Mas70013 - Filmed near ASFORDBY

The Christmas White Rose hauled by 5043 and The Christmas Yorkshireman hauled by 60009 [02:38]
Three shots today (all in torrential rain at least!!!) The first sees GWR Castle class No. 5043 Earl of Mount Edgcumbe burst out of Milford tunnel as she heads for York, with the 1Z43 Christmas White Rose. The second shot is again of the Castle. I managed to overtake her at the booked water stop at Barrow Hill. I am filming from a foot crossing near Staveley. The final shot is of A4 class No 60009 Union of South Africa in yet more rain. I decide to change my vantage point for this shot and get quite a nice pan shot. Number nine was hauling the 1Z72 Christmas Yorkshireman which also was heading to York from London Victoria. Hope you enjoy the video and thanks for watching. Happy Christmas to everyone.

Union of South Africa Chiswick Dec 2012 [01:05]
(Watch in HD) 60009 Union of South Africa hauls The Christmas Yorkshireman through a very wet Chiswick station at 07:00 on Saturday December 22 2012. A steam day excursion from London Victoria to York with a diesel hauling the return leg. This is due to be the last steam service passing through Chiswick this year on a route out of London turning back east at the nearby Kew East Junction and then heading north via South Acton and (Acton) Dudding Hill Junction. Travelling to York via St Albans, Luton, Kettering and Melton Mowbray.

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