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Wedding Slideshow by Zenzo Dominic Mandindo [00:34]
We shoot, we edit and clean your photos for your wedding and we have books, cards and so on available for all your events, conferences, parties. contact us now ( South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe) Video and Photography email ; or call 074 714 0227

60009 Union of South Africa at Carlisle withThe Winter Cumbrian Mountain Express on 9th Feb 2013.wmv [03:42]
LNER Class A4 Pacific no. 60009 Union of South Africa at Carlisle on 9th February 2013 with The Winter Cumbrian Moutain Express. This train originated at London Euston with 60009 taking over at Carnforth. Electric from London. Scenes shown are the train arriving and standing at Carlisle, the engine and support coach moving to Upperby for sevicing and the train leaving Carlisle viewed from St Nicholas Bridge to the south of the station. As always great thanks to all those who make amazing events like this possible.

Against The Flow - Episode 9 [24:03]
Against The Flow is a road trip featuring four friends tracking the course of South Africa's longest river. the 2300 km long river has over time been known variously as the Orange, Groot, Gariep, Senqu or simply Great River. This odyssey begins in the stark coastal desert of the Northern Cape, at the mouth. It ends sixty-five days later at the source in the verdant highlands of Lesotho. From white water rafting to the pursuit of Fly-fishing, the river is engaged intimately. Tracking westerly across South Africa's Thirstlands a collage of towns, histories, landscapes and experiences are documented. Characters ranging from San Bushman to a small town cheerleader, tell stories of mystical man-eating river snakes, elusive diamond eating yellow fish and events that have shaped the lives of those living alongside this mighty waterway.

Nigeria has many local festivals that date back to the time before the arrival of the major religions, and which are still occasions for masquerade and dance. The local festivals cover an enormous range of events, fromMada Dancers harvest festivals and betrothal festivals, to the investing of a new chief and funerals. It seems odd to Western ways of thinking to see a funeral as something to be celebrated. But for many of the tribes, death means joining the ancestors, and so the deceased must get a good send-off. The dances that were once performed by members of each village have now been taken over by professional troupes, who tour villages performing at each local festival. The Muslim year revolves around the three major festivals, Id Al Fitri, Id Al Kabir, and Id Al Maulud. The main event in the Islamic calendar is the festival that celebrates the end of Ramadan. Ramadan is a month-long observation of fasting. During the hours of sunlight no one must eat or drink; some very religious people will not even swallow. Each evening at dusk is a celebration of sorts, as the family prepares to break the fast. In towns people do so by going out to one of the markets, where stallholders will be prepared for the hungry people. At the end of Ramadan there is a celebration, which varies in style among the different Muslim tribes. WIN, an acronym for--"What Is New" is a comprehensive multimedia services package for maximum news distribution across several media channels via WIN TV ...

Cape town , old biscuit mill , The Neighbourgoods Market [01:38]
The Neighbourgoods Market is an independent initiative founded in 2006 by entrepreneurs Justin Rhodes and Cameron Munro, whose aim is to revive and reinvent the Public Market as a civic institution. This award-winning market features over 100 specialty traders every Saturday, creating a weekly platform for local farmers, fine-food purveyors, organic merchants, bakers and distributors, grocers, mongers, butchers, artisan producers, celebrated local chefs, and micro enterprises. The market is housed in an old sky-lit brick warehouse and courtyard at the Old Biscuit Mill in the industrial neighbourhood of Woodstock, Cape Town. It is as much a source for farm fresh as well as organic foods and locally produced specialty goods, as it is a meeting point to enjoy community, swap ideas and stories, and become educated about what we buy and eat by going directly to the source. A calendar of seasonal events, specialty festivals, and live music feature throughout the year. EVERY SATURDAY RAIN OR SHINE 9H00 - 14H00 THE OLD BISCUIT MILL - 373 ALBERT ROAD WOODSTOCK CAPE TOWN SOUTH AFRICA

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