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Designer Events Petro SA 10 year Anniversary [02:06]
Designer Events Venue for the 10 year anniversary of Petro SA

Designer Events - Fancourt Wedding [07:00]
Designer Events Fancourt Wedding 5 January 2013

A Tribute to our WHITE Sharks! [01:14]
In light of recent events in Western Australia with the hunting and killing of White Sharks and a tagged Great White named Madiba getting killed on a KZN Drum line in South Africa, this video is a tribute to these majestic animals. Something needs to be done to stop this senseless killing of our White Sharks, they are a protected species and all us who love our sharks need to stand together and fight for them! "Lets show them some LOVE"

Steam Trains at Work during 2012 Featuring 6201 and 60163 [14:36]
A compilation video of steam locomotives from 2012, action from the mainline and events at preserved railways across the UK. Action includes some of my best films and some unseen footage: 1. SR No. 850 Lord Nelson at East Lancashire railway. 2. GWR No 4965 Rood Ashton Hall at Daw Mill. 3. GWR No 6024 King Edward I at Challow. 4. SR No 35028 Clan Line at Gomshall. 5. LMS No 6201 Princess Elizabeth & GWR No 5043 Earl of Mount Edgcumbe at Shap. 6. BR No 70000 Britannia at Aisgill. 7. BR No 80072 at West Somerset railway. 8. GWR No 6960 Raveningham hall at West Somerset railway. 9. LMS No 6201 Princess Elizabeth at Lickey bank (banked by pannier tanks L94 and 9600) 10. LNER No 4464 Bittern at the Severn Valley railway. 11. Caledonian railways No 828 and NER No 69023 Joem at Severn Valley railway. 12. LMS No 46233 Duchess of Sutherland at Rugeley (have a guess why i didn't upload this footage originally). 13. BR No 70013 Oliver Cromwell at Shap. 14. SR No 34067 Tangmere at Shap. 15. Pannier tank pairing of L94 and 9600 at Burton bridge. 16. A1 class No 60163 Tornado at Llangollen railway. 17. GWR No 5043 Earl of Mount Edgcumbe at Teignmouth. 18. LMS Pairing of 44871 and 45407 at Cynghordy viaduct. 19. A1 class No 60163 Tornado at Onibury. 20. LMS No 46233 Duchess of Sutherland at Penmaenmawr. 21. LMS No 6201 Princess Elizabeth at Hellifield. 22. BR No 70013 Oliver Cromwell at Honeybourne. 23. Pannier tank pairing L94 and 9600 at Washwood Heath. 24. SR No 34053 Sir Keith Park ...

The White Club teaser [01:26]
The White Club recorded this video in South Africa. At locations in Stellenbosch (Graff Delaire Estate), Cape Town (Hotel Taj) and Johannesburg (Hotel Saxon) during the events with The World of First Growth series. This video is to show some of the thoughts and work in preparing wine tastings around the world. THIS IS THE SHORT TEASER VIDEO

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