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the Garden 720p [03:43]
A short film of just complete relaxation in a special place we are privileged to call home... starring a good friend Taryn as she relaxes on a beautiful Sunday morning in our Garden.

Monkey Egyptian Geese Wars at Durbans Botanical Gardens, South Africa [01:36]
Monkey Egyptian Geese Wars at Durbans Botanical Gardens, South Africa

Best Time to Visit South Africa | Holiday2SouthAfrica [01:00]
The best time to South Africa depends on the purpose of your holiday. South African seasons are the opposite to the Northern Hemisphere, making the hottest time of the year from January to March. If you are visiting the garden route, summer is the best time to visit, especially from February onwards as the dry weather makes it easier to explore. The Drakensberg Mountains are also best at this time. Early spring brings out the Wild Flowers of the Western Cape, making August and September the most suitable time to take a trip. For a South African Safari, once summer is over the earth begins to dry out and vegetation becomes thinner, increasing the visibility. Therefore, book your safari from May to October to guarantee you'll see lots of wildlife. Finally, whale watching off the Cape coast will be most successful from July to October. To book a South Africa holiday or for more information, visit

Ushaka Manor Guesthouse Accommodation Umhlanga South Africa - Africa Travel Channel [03:34]
uShaka Manor Guest House offers the discerning business or leisure traveller a choice of six luxury suites, each tastefully decorated to provide the comforts that only a home can. Combining style and warmth with generous hospitality and personal service, uShaka Manor is situated in the heart of Umhlanga Rocks, within walking distance to shops and beach, ideally positioned for business or leisure. We can also accommodate you in our two-bedroomed self-catering unit. uShaka Manor sets the mood beautifully - whether it's relaxing alongside the rock swimming pool with a cocktail, enjoying the peace and tranquility of the tropical garden with beach entry or ending the evening in our plush lounge.

Along the Garden Route, South Africa [04:39]
South Africa's southern coast. A trail known as the Garden Route. My journey begins in Hermanus, where right whales swim close to shore watching humans watching them. Then further along to Mossel Bay, with its aboriginal cave beneath the lighthouse occupied for thousands of years. Then the museum complex with its replica of the Bartolomeu Dias used by the Portuguese in 15th century exploration of Africa. Wilderness with the cool name. And a crazy squatter, known as the Cave Man, homesteading in an abandoned rail road shed and his sea shell and driftwood art. On to Stormsriver to zip through the tree tops of the Tsitsitkamma forest. A confrontation with a troup of baboons. Finally finishing up in Post Elizabeth - and I was never seen, nor head from again. The musical accompaniment is Fever by Sarah Vaughn, remixed by Adam Freeland. Created: 26 December 2011.

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