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V Blog Gauteng - Make mine an Old Fashioned [03:07]
Only five minutes in Johannesburg and we were whisked off to the Saturday night Gala of South African Fashion Week. I was, I must admit, somewhat begrudging about this because I was feeling distinctly unfashionable with my post flight demeanour. How glad I am that I overrode my fatigue and grabbed Aoife along for the ride. We got to witness the hottest of South African fashion in a pretty hot venue, which we got taken on an illicit tour of because even though Aoife wasn't working tonight she just can't hold herself back! The owner when he heard what we were in the city to do showed us a number of the huge rooms in this old factory that he has reconstructed and are now used for events and parties. The venue felt like somewhere between Shoreditch and The Meat Packing District, but the fashion felt like a girl from the Hamptons who was allowed to go out and stretch her legs in the tropics, all boat shoes and backless dresses. The whole night felt damn cool.
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V Blog Gauteng - Angel Headed Hipsters [05:17]
What. A. Day. I find it difficult to imagine how Johannesburg can get more hipster. This morning I met Hayleigh, who organises events at the Maboneng Precinct outside of Chalkboard, a cafe where all the tables are chalkboards ("its great for meetings" she assures me, "you never forget anything") and the different teas explained in such detail its as if the owner has a degree in hot beverages. (This detail, it must be admitted, does not extend to the food, where the only options are bagels, and most have cream cheese involved in someway. It is not a place for the lactophobic gluten intolerant.) She took me on a tour of the precinct, and the rapidly expanding empire that Jonathan, the developer, is curating. And I say curating, because this is an aesthetically designed machine operating on Main Street, Johannesburg. I hope the video even gives half a hint of how damned cool this place is.
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V Blog Gauteng - Experiencing Freedom (Park) [03:36]
Today was my first proper excursion within Gauteng, South Africa. I was taken by Jeffrey, a young Johanesburg photographer and designer, with Prins, a war veteran and now educator, to The Nelson Mandela Freedom Park. Its about an hour drive out of the city, and it takes about the same to wander through it. The decision to construct The Freedom Park is a huge moment in South Africa's history, because it marks the period after the Truth and Reconciliation Commission had closed and the country made active decisions on how best to proceed post the TRC. It was a humbling experience, and made more so by Prins, who is part of the team who are conducting research for the Wall of Names, one of the most ambitious projects inside the park. Interestingly, Jeffrey had been there once before but not to visit it as a memorial site, but because the conference centre is rented out and was used when Miss World was hosted by Gauteng, South Africa. It is a multifaceted space!
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V Blog Gauteng - Adam's World [04:53]
Today I met somebody who is going to stay on my mind for a long time to come, and I have no doubt that I am not the first person to have written that about him. The man under address is Adam Levy, the developer behind 70 Juta in Braamfontein. The following video is but a snippet of our conversation, which extended far beyond the boundaries of a short blog entry - but then this man struck me as someone who relishes in going past the accepted boundaries. He's single handedly transforming the area of Braamfontein, with help only from his charming colleagues and people he charms along the way. This mission started with the 70 Juta development (where I had my first Flat White in South Africa) and includes the venue space of the Alexander Theatre, once an incredible art deco theatre and now used for gigs, parties, and events - all enjoyed, I'm sure with an element of 1950's glamour. He now has at least two more properties on the way, and I'll wager that a lot of Johannesburg's residents are holding their breath to see what they will become.
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