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South Luangwa National Park, Zambia - an insight [02:43]
A quick insight into the beauty and activities whilst on safari in South Luangwa National Park in Zambia - September, 2010
Tags: South Luangwa National Park, South Luangwa, Zambia, safari, wildlife, africa, Luangwe, foot, walking safari, antelope, buffalo, birds, hippos, lions, monkeys, zebra, guides, sunset, river, Croc Valley Camp, African Nomad Safaris

Hoe Gaan Dit Van Suid Africa - Cape Town, South Africa (suid that lives in the sea, suid travel) [02:38]
A TripAdvisor™ TripWow video of a travel blog to Cape Town, South Africa by TravelPod blogger Candyandray. See this TripWow and more at Hoe Gaan Dit Van Suid Africa "South Africa was probably the country highest on Candy's want list for our trip. After landing in the Johannesburg airport we took a shuttle to the nearby city of Pretoria, which has the reputation as being much safer than Joburg. Nevertheless, it was clear that people in South Africa were very concerned about crime. Both places we stayed had electric fences and significant security (even a panic button in one our rooms). Our interactions with people in Pretoria were very interesting. Our second hostel was filled with Peace Corp volunteers. These were the first Americans we had seen in a while. We finally understood what people meant when they say Americans are loud (one nice English guy put it more nicely--"you're just exhuberant. It's rather refreshing actually.") We had dinner in a pub/restaurant near the local rugby stadium. For the first time in a very long time, Ray was the smallest guy in the room. We spent most of our time in Pretoria researching and booking our trip to Kruger National Park. We weren't certain which game park we would visit based on our research and conversations with other travellers. That said, we consider ourselves very fortunate that we booked the tour we did to Kruger. Our guide, Sam, picked us up very early in the morning for our drive to Kruger. Along ...
Tags: suid that lives in the sea, hoe gaan dit, suid travel, hoe gaan, hoe to fielf clesn wild, turkey, south african hoes vids, hungry hungry hippos, learnenglish kids, we gaan in very souf, penthouse on long street, andy young adopts children, from africa, ho

St. Lucia/ Zulu village - Doonside, South Africa (zulu village durban, zulu village st lucia) [01:48]
A TripAdvisor™ TripWow video of a travel blog to St. Lucia, South Africa by TravelPod blogger Pachi. See this TripWow and more at St. Lucia/ Zulu village "In the morning Lotta and I took the lagoon cruise. For a while we thought that the cruise would be canceled as the crew was unable to get the engine started. However, a bit of shouting and messing with it finally worked. We were joined on the cruise by 24 other people who we initially thought were from the cruise ship but who were actually European "caravaners." Twelve couples, mostly Germans, had rented caravans and were driving around South Africa. They looked as if they had stepped out of a smart hotel and not at all as I would have looked after sleeping and dressing in a small camper. On the lagoon we saw crocodiles, a herd of hippos, and several beautiful water birds such as the Ibis. At the end of the cruise it started to rain quite heavily and we ended up huddled in the middle of the boat under the canopy. Although Michelle had offered to pick us up in the truck, we realized that we were only a short distance from the hostel and quickly walked back. No one seemed to have noticed that we were gone and there was certainly no excitement about our cruise. We were then off to a Zulu village or kraal. A kraal would belong to a man who had several wives and children. The men's huts and the women's huts are on opposite sides of the compound. We also saw a demonstration of jewelry making and mat ...
Tags: zulu village, zulu village durban, travel agency south africa, week end zulu village, pictures zulu instruments in, africa, st lucia vilage sa images, pitchers of zulu music, instruments, zulu village st lucia, st lucia zulu village, st lucia zulu, st. lu

Best Photos of Mpumalanga, South Africa - Incl. Impalad, Teel, Hippos Fighting, Sambane Lodge [01:06] The best pictures of Mpumalanga taken by travel bloggers at the web's premier travel blogging platform. Slideshow created at by TripAdvisor™. Top Pics of Mpumalanga - "Hippo and the Turtle" by Goodrichodyssey from a blog titled "Kruger Day 7" Excerpt: "Pictures tell the story" ... - "Impalad" by Nipitiri from a blog titled "Kruger" Excerpt: "Kruger: kolm päeva ja hulk maastikupilte tibatillukeste loomadega" ... - "African sky at sunset" by Sirferman from a blog titled "Heading Out of Africa" Excerpt: "Hi all - sorry for being silent the past few days but Internet service has not been as easy to come by. We are in Hazyview now, after doing a self drive (well, a DWD - driving with Dan drive ;) through The Kruger National Park. It was not anywhere near as good game viewing as in Madikwe (nor was Balule) but still fun. We are spent " ... - "Teel" by Nipitiri from a blog titled "Sambane Lodgest Krugerini" Excerpt: "Esimest korda väljaspool Euroopat, kui poolepäevane jalutuskäik Tangieris välja arvata. Alustuseks saime Gerardilt hulga hoiatusi nii inimeste kui ka looduse kohta, kolasime siis hommikupooliku tema "aiamaal", Pretoriast päevase autosõidu kaugusel, kohtamata kummagi poole vaenulikke esindajaid. Edasi itta Krugerisse loomi " ... - "Hippos fighting" by Jonclark2000 from a blog titled "A bad day for the impala population" Excerpt: "Click here for all Kruger photos Today was a bad day for impalas - but more to come on ...
Tags: african sky at sunset, hippo and the turtle, zebra, hippos fighting, teel, impalad, sambane lodge, photos, from, mpumalanga, south, africa, south africa, trip, slideshow, tripwow, tripadvisor, photography, vacation, slide, show

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