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South Africa Royal Malewane Game Reserve in Kruger National Park [09:56]
I spent 3 nights staying at Royal Malewane Game Reserve in Kruger National Park. Here's a look at our room (the Royal Suite) and a snippet of some of the animals we saw (including lions, rhinos, elephants, and two hippos fighting each other to the death!). Royal Malewane was gorgeous and luxurious, the spa was amazing, and the staff has incredible attention to detail. I recommend it enthusiastically.

SOUTH AFRICA lions in Paul Kruger np (HD-video).mp4 [09:31]
Music by (1) desert of spirits - song of the wild, (2) levantis - trees of mount kilum and (3) medwyn goodall - dawn over africa. Lions are the most favorite animals of many people. In an earlier upload there where some scens with lions and friends asked me if there was more footage of lions. Therefore I have collected all the scenes I filmed last april. First there is a lonely male resting on the road. Then you'll see a pride of lions walking on the road to their breakfast (?) Finally there are two brothers along the road. One of them is a bit lame.

hotspots2c - Addo National Park [01:20]
Addo National Park - the third largest national park in South Africa - conserving a wide range of biodiversity, landscapes, fauna and flora. The original elephant section of the park was proclaimed to provide a safe haven for the few wild elephants who survived government-sponsored culling to remove them in the early 20th century. The lush vegetation provides protection and a rich food source, supporting - what is now - the most dense population of wild elephants on the planet. Today this finely tuned ecosystem is sanctuary to over 550 elephants, lions, buffalo, black rhino, spotted hyena, a variety of antelope and more. (copyright to

South Africa Safari - Kinetic Snapshots [10:33]
Armed to the teeth with digital cameras, we rolled into the African bush - Schotia Reserve and Addo Elephant National Park. Few expected to emerge uneaten. And thus we were treated to a pride of lions, a pair of rhinos, herds of elephants, a parade of giraffes and assorted bovines. And the roar of a wild, wild wind. For some reason, they wouldn't let us climb down from the rover to pet the hungry lions. Created: 1 November 2011.

SOUTH AFRICA Lions at Paul Kruger National Park (HD-video).mp4 [09:31]
Lions are the favorite animals of many people. I included two minutes of footage in an earlier upload (the big 5 at Kruger np). Friends asked me if there was more. So I compiled all the footage I have in this video. First there is the lonely male lying for half an hour on the road. Then a pride of lions on their way to breakfast (zebra's in the distance). Two of them came very close to my open doorwindow ! Finally two brothers besides the road. One of them had hurt his leg. Al the scenes are shot very early in the morning (between 6 and 8 am). I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

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