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Sounds of Africa [01:12]
This is what I woke up to this morning. It's just amazing. Lake Naivasha, Kenya.

A Day at Singita Lebombo Lodge [01:26]
From the first light of the morning to the ending of the day with a perfect starry sky, there are a million memorable moments to experience at Singita Lebomb...

Sun City, The Casinos - South Africa [03:06]
English see below [dt.] Sun City in Südafrika wurde vor allem wegen des Glücksspiels erbaut. In Südafrika war Glücksspiel verboten, nur im ehemaligen Homeland Bophuthatswana war es gestattet. Mehrere Kasinos bildeten den zentralen Kern von Sun City, schnell nannte man Sun City das Las Vegas Südafrikas. Die Casinos mit unzähligen einarmigen Banditen gibt es immer noch, aber auch Spielsäle mit Roulette und anderen Spieltischen. Es soll einige Bürger in Johannesburg geben, die abends nach der Arbeit die ca. 150 km bis Sun City fahren, die Nacht durch spielen und am Morgen wieder zur Arbeit zurückkehren (ich vermute meistens ärmer). Andere wiederum schicken Frau und Kinder an den Pool, während sie selbst den Tag im Casino verbringen. ******** [en.] Sun City in South Africa was built primarily because of gambling. Gambling was forbidden in South Africa; the only exception was the former homeland of Bophuthatswana where gambling was allowed. Several casinos formed the central core of Sun City and soon Sun City was called the Las Vegas of South Africa. The casinos with innumerable one-armed bandits still exist, but there are also gaming halls with roulette and other gambling tables. Apparently there are citizens of Johannesburg who drive after work the approx.150 km to Sun City to gamble the whole night long. In the morning they drive back to work. Others send woman and children to the pool while they spend their day alone in the casino.

JL taking a backflip bungee jump on 214m blaukrans bridge, south-africa [05:35]
After having jumped forwards on the same morning down into that deep gorge, i had to try something even more thrilling. As you drop you see the bridge fade in the sky and get an additional kick by flipping over halfway down or so

Death in the morning (hyenas & lions) [01:13]
The African bush is always about survival. When hyenas have a large enough group to chase of a smaller group of lions from a kill. Then that is exactly what they will do.

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