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Due South Motorcycle Tours - Southern Spear #1.wmv [02:41]
A short mix of still pics from motorcycle tours in and around South Africa Due South Motorcycle Tours - South Africa

Gauteng Motorcycle ToyRun 30th Anniversary [07:55]
Footage from the 25th & 29th Annual Gauteng Motocycle ToyRun (South Africa). Aiming to get the biking community & general public excited and pumped up for the Big 30th Anniversary on November 25th 2012.
Tags: Motorcycle, Toy Run, South Africa, Gauteng, Mass Bike Rally, South Africa (Country)

Big Boy I Do Africa Adventure [08:07]
Big Boy South Africa got together with two brave young newlyweds who decided to tour Africa on a motorcycle for their honeymoon. They chose a Big Boy CGL150 to do it, basically a delivery bike / daily commuter. This short video sums up their incredible journey which took them from South Africa all the way to Egypt, TWO-UP on one bike.
Tags: bike, motorcycle, touring, adventure, riding, crashing, africa, safari, big boy, big boy scooter, big boy motorcycle, big boy motorbike, egypt, tanzania, namibia, botswana, zimbabwe, zambia, kenya, uganga, rwanda, ethopia, sudan, south africa, must watch,

Extreme Frontiers South Africa Convoy with Charley Boorman, Craig Neill and Wynand Louw [02:15]
Charley Boorman has finished filming Extreme Frontiers: South Africa. The traditional "Charley" convoy left the Meerlust Wine Estate at 11am on 22 July 2012 and followed a scenic route to Signal Hill. Craig Neill and Wynand Louw joined in the experience and discovered they have a new fan..
Tags: Charley Boorman, Craig Neill, Wynand Louw, Extreme Frontiers, Cape Town, South Africa, Motorcycle, Adventure, Convoy

SmartPhone Filmed Motorcycle Adventure [09:12]
Two friends (Craig Neill, Wynand Louw) embark on a 14 day, 6085km journey from Cape Town, South Africa to Victoria Falls in Zambia. Armed with 1 x iPhone and 1 x Samsung Galaxy S2, they record their journey in HD as it unfolds in one of the first ever smartphone motorcycle documentaries. No video cameras, no external microphones and no tripods. SmartPhones tested. Follow their 9 minute adventure through the long, butt burning roads in Southern Africa, to meet the Bishop of Botswana, and family of the former Botswanan president, to the pans in Nata (Botswana), the elephants in Kasane (Botswana), the very dry Victoria falls in Zambia, along the Kaprivi strip (Namibia), down to Papa Falls (Namibia), back into Maun (Botswana) to see the Okavango Delta from the air and from a boat, before the final leg through to Gobabis (Namibia) and back home. Contact Craig Neill:
Tags: Adventure, Victoria Falls, Action, Motorcycle Adventure, Motorcycle Tour, Motorcycle South Africa, BMW, Suzuki, Smartphone, iphone, Samsung galaxy, South Africa, smartphone documentary

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