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Safari South Africa [04:06]
Safari in thanda, South Africa. filmed with a gopro and nikon coolpix aw100.

Chase Jarvis Kicks Off His Sailing Adventure with Mike Horn in South Africa [00:52]
Chase Jarvis Kicks Off His Sailing Adventure with Mike Horn in South Africa. Follow Chase on Twitter: Follow Mike on Twitter: Follow Chase's blog:
Tags: chase jarvis, mike horn, pangaea, south africa, cape town, sailing, helicopter, how to, diy, photography, photo, nikon, canon, d4, d3s, d3x, 7d, aerial, air, video, hd, landscape

Sutherland star time-lapse [00:17]
Time-lapse of the milky way and stars as seen from Sutherland in South Africa. Photographed with a Nikon D3 camera and a Dynamic Perception stage zero dolly.
Tags: timelapse, time lapse, stars, milky way, South Africa, Dynamic Perception, stage zero, photography, night, sky, universe, Nikon, galaxy, heavens

Rietvlei nature reserve in Centurion, South Africa - Nikon Coolpix P7000 video [02:15]
Some footage from Rietvlei nature reserve in Centurion, South Arfrica. The video was shot using Nikon's P7000 camera.
Tags: Africa, South Africa (Country), Nikon, Rietvlei, Johannesburg, Centurion, wildlife, nature, reserve, test, video, footage, outdoors, P7000

South Africa 2011 - Part 2 [11:54]
Took a trip to Isandhlwana and Rorke's Drift battle sites in KwaZulu-Natal, during 25th and 26th August 2011. Overnighted in Isandhlwana Lodge and enjoyed the magnificent hospitality. Unmatched views from our room, King Cetshwayo's Room (Cetshwayo kaMpande). Isandlhwana Lodge is carved into the iNyoni rock overlooking Mount Isandlhwana, the site of the historic Anglo-Zulu war battle which took place on the 22nd of January, 1879 -- where the greatest single defeat of the British Army at the hands of a native army took place. Surplus revenue generated by Isandhlwana Lodge goes to the local Tribal Trust for use in building schools, clinics and enhancing the life of villagers. Isandhlwana is approximately 10 miles south-east of Rorke's Drift and 105 miles north by north-west of Durban. The cairns on the battlefield site mark the mass graves of circa 1300 soldiers -- lives lost due to the invincible stupidity of their commander, Lord Chelmsford, in contrast to the superb Zulu generalship. The Battle of Rorke's Drift took place on 23rd January 1879.
Tags: Isandhlwana, Isandhlwana Lodge, Isandlwana, Battle of Isandlwana, Battle of Rorke's Drift, South Africa, kwazulu-Natal, Buffalo River, Shiyane, Peter Hall, Mphafa, umlahlankosi, 24th Regiment, King Cetshwayo, Cetshwayo kampande, Zulu warrior, Nikon, P100

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