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Walking with Lions at Ukutula Lion Park in South Africa - Africa Travel Channel [02:47]
Ukutula is conveniently situated within an hours drive from Johannesburg and Pretoria. The game farm comprises 260 hectares of unspoilt bushveld boasting a variety of antelope species, giraffe and zebra. Ukutula is also home to more than 130 different bird species. Known as the "place of quiet" the lodge is nestled in lush bushveld where the roar of the lion can be heard for miles around.
Tags: wildlife, lions, Africa (Continent), South Africa (Country), New, Adventure, Nature, Destination, Events, Tourism, Park, Travel, Channel, Outdoors, Culture, Zoo, Animals, Safari

South Africa Holiday pt.1 [15:01]
i was in south africa for 13 days and this is what i got up to, stay tuned for the next part.
Tags: South Africa (Country), Ethiopia, Outdoor, Travel, Tent, Village, Outdoors, Fever, Ghana, Wilderness, Lake, Hiking, Aid, Cottage, Camper, Pigs, Uganda, Somalia, Sudan, Hunting, Summer (Jon Foreman EP), Clive, Story, Adventure, Challenge, Writer, Move, Jun

Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Day 1 - Hirwa Group [04:36]
This was our first day trekking for Gorillas in Rwanda. Our group was Hirwa, which meant Lucky in Swahili. The grou had a female who had recently given birth to twins only 2 weeks earlier. We only got a brief glimpse of the twins though as the mother was very protective as you can imagine. Good group to visit as only 40 minutes or so from the briefing point and had a lot of playful juveniles.
Tags: Rwanda, Africa, Gorillas, trekking, adventure, guns, jungle, baby, twins, luck, group, family, silverbacks, blackbacks, outdoors, hiking, bamboo, edition, monkey, south, mine, roses, jumping, painting, high rev engine, home video, wildlife, nature, garden

Jabulisa Safaris [01:19]
Jabulisa Safaris is a registered safari company with wildlife in mind and Africa at heart. We specialise in guided tours around Southern Africa. Jabulisa does it all. We are known for our Photographic Safaris and tours to the world-renowned Kruger National Park, Kgadagadi National Park or day trips around the Johannesburg area. Jabulisa is dedicated to create a brilliant safari experience in an eco friendly way. Our guests leave with a life changing experience, learning and understanding the African way of life, while having a wonderful time with Jabulisa Safaris.
Tags: wildlife, safaris, adventure, photographs, south africa, experience, 4x4, Action, Adventure Game, Journey outdoors

Sightseeing South Africa [10:00]
South Africa Nature Reserves landscape Zuidelijk Afrika África del Sur Sudáfrica Südafrika Landschaft Landschap paysage paisaje пейзаж 景观
Tags: África, del, Sur, Zuidelijk, Afrika, 2005, nature, outdoors, travel log, hiking, boats, tourism, Sudáfrica, Südafrika, Landschaft, Landschap, paysage, paisaje, пейзаж, 景观adventure, africa, south, Reserves, landscape, destination, holiday

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