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Ogoni people are one of the many indigenous peoples in the region of southeast Nigeria. They share common oil-related environmental problems with the Ijaw people of Niger Delta, but Ogonis are not listed in the list of people historically belonging to Niger Delta. They number about one point five million people and live in a 404-square-mile (1050 km2) homeland which they also refer to as Ogoni, or Ogoniland. The Ogoni rose to international attention after a massive public protest campaign against Shell Oil, led by the Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP). According to oral tradition, the Ogoni people migrated from ancient Ghana down to the Atlantic coast eventually making their way over to the eastern Niger Delta. Linguistic calculations done by Kay Williams place the Ogoni in the Niger Delta since before 15 BC, making them one of the oldest settlers in the eastern Niger Delta region. Radiocarbon dating taken from sites around Ogoniland and the neighboring communities oral traditions also support this claim.[3] Traditionally, the Ogoni are agricultural, also known for livestock herding, fishing, salt and palm oil cultivation and trade. WIN, an acronym for "What Is New" is a comprehensive multimedia services package for maximum news distribution across several media channels via WIN TV, exclusively dedicated for New Media production and Broadcating

Palm hoel juba south sudan [01:06]
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Gospel,vlooienmarkt,trommelen,regenboog,london house,bank,palmbomen,vissen,platvis,siervissen, aquarium,Dit is een deel van een film die wij hebben gemaakt tijdens onze reis naar Zuid Afrika in September 2001,schaken,stellenbosch,wijn,wijngaarden,vergezichten,picknicken,zuid afrika,south africa,wijnflessen,druif,fruitbomen,hartenberg,kaapstad,capetown,seapoint,jetski,waterfront bij nacht,waterfront by nicht,sushi,sushi ,sushi maken,eten,suski eat,sushi make,sushi lopendeband,lekker eten,auto's,mensen,fun,lachen, vakantie,reizen,cultuur,sport,voetbal,ajax,fijenoord,psv,eredivisie,huntelaar,top 100,humor,muziek,gitaar,sport,animatie hennie van de Loosdrecht productie: Lidy / Hennie

Yacht Delivery from Cape Town, South Africa to Fort Lauderdale, Florida [02:52]
A pinch and a punch for the first of the month as we sailed off into the infinite abyss. June 1st marks day 1 of our 52 day ocean crossing, from Cape Town, South Africa to FtLauderdale, Florida, on a 44ft Leopard catamaran. We were a crew of 3, with solo watches of 3hours on, and 6 hours off. We were blessed with an inquisitive whale friend (who swam with our boat for three days), rainbows, sunsets, dolphins, sunrises, flying fish, birds, phosphorescence and endless beautiful beautifuls. After 41 days, we stopped at the island country of grenada to rest, buy fresh fruit/veggies & fill our water tanks. Grenada is in the southeastern Caribbean Sea, also known as the "Island of Spice", because of their production of nutmeg. Which we consumed plenty of in many piña coladas. Grenada is paradise; happy, care-free people amongst a colorful lush, tropical land. Crystal clear blue water, palm trees, blossoming flowers & white sandy beaches. Grenada was all the inspiration to guide us through the last 10 days of our journey. We reached Florida safe & sound; enriched forever. 52 days of isolation, silence, & tranquility did wonders for the soul. Something we will treasure forever. We covered a distance of 6884 nautical miles, but hey, it's not the miles that count, it's how you live them. Enjoy.

J Bay South Africa, Surfing, Bungee Jumps, Sand Boarding with GO PRO [11:53]
Lads trip to South Africa, surfing, sand boarding, bungee jumps, buggy riding, few drunk and comical moments, worth watching all of. I don't have any rights to the music used in this video. All shot with Go Pro HD2
Tags: South Africa (Country), Surfing (Sport), Sport (Industry), Beach, Jump, Jumping, Ocean, Waves, Palm, Sand, Florida, Jumps, Industry (Quotation Subject), Sunset, the, kooks, coldplay, Justin Bieber (Singer), micheal, jackson, Prince, Harry

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