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Maputo II marginal costa do sol [05:39]
continuando a nossa visita a este lugar querido,segue-se mais um slideshow,agora desde a marginal de Maputo à costa do sol Music:Stewart Sukuma
Tags: Mozambique, Maputo, Africa, LM, marginal, Lourenço, Marques, Musica, Costa-do-Sol, Moçambique, sukuma, travel, guide, viagens, casino, tourism, turismo, photography, ethiopia, kenya, slideshow, culture, destination, events, south africa, cruise, landmar

Lions Near Open Safari Vehicles [01:21]
Lions near open safari vehicles on game drive safari, South Luangwa NP, Zambia
Tags: africa, zambia, south luangwa, safari, lions, adventuer, nature photography, mama tembo tours, nevison, wildlife, Big 5

Safari Bush Lunch- Ellie Dust Bath [00:59]
Ellies dust bathing during lunch stop in bush on safari in South Luangwa, Zambia
Tags: africa, safari, south luangwa, zambia, Big 5, elephants, ellies, mama tembo tours, nevison, adventure, wildlife, photography Travel

Thanda, South Africa, volunteering project. [02:20]
Mdletshe School Development Programme, Thanda. What you are going to see is video presentation that is composed from 840 pictures that is captured in 2 minutes and 20 seconds -- it is lapse time photography that squeezes 3 day worth of still images. Now what is all about? staying for 4 weeks in Thanda, South Africa - on the personal level I can say that life is full of defining moments too -- big and small. Seeing these people and kids enjoying lpaying with balloons and football makes you drop few tears and wonder - why we can have everything we desire and they, hardly have 1 warm meal a day or a week... really have a joy of life. Seeing these children dancing, playing and starving for any bit of education and information is once in a lifetime rewarding experience.
Tags: Project, South Africa, Thanda, Volunteering, School, Time lapse, yossi Katzourin, katzourin

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