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Due South Motorcycle Tours - Southern Spear #1.wmv [02:41]
A short mix of still pics from motorcycle tours in and around South Africa Due South Motorcycle Tours - South Africa

Vacation time: Here's an Epic reason to go! [02:38]
Feel free to share : ) and go on Vacation!! LOL Are you tired of the cold weather and need a vacation?Does work have you stressed out and growing gray hairs? Is stress affecting your health? Need a break? Maybe we can help... Lets visualize for a moment your vacation and once we're through start planning it. Now it doesn't matter how you get to your destination as long as you get there and have fun. Whether it's by plane, by train, a cruise, or road trip that's your choice. You need and deserve a vacation from all the hard work, stress, and deadlines you've had to endure. A change of scenery would be nice, wouldn't you agree? Put your work flow on pause and lets use those vacation days. While on vacation enjoy the moment.... after all you've earned it. Vacations are epic because you can go with a loved one, family or friends and create some awesome memories. Where do you plan to go for your vacation? Maybe Rio de Janeiro? The Olympics will be there soon. How about South Africa to watch the lions have lunch at noon? Ever consider the Glens of antrim in Ireland, it's beautiful there Imagine seeing the The Trevi Fountain in Rome with your own eyes? And there's always the US, when it comes to attractions I'll sum it up in one word... Epic! Gentlemen when you go on vacation with your lady you can not be cheap... Really? One word of advice... don't do it. When you get to your destination what do you plan to do? Maybe some Site seeing? How about a little golf? Maybe horseback ...

60009 Union of South Africa hurries past New Barnet Up Lindum Xmas Fayre 08 Dec 2012 [00:59]
London & North Eastern Railway A4 Class No: 60009 Union of South Africa (UoSA), in BR Brunswick Green livery, passes New Barnet (NBA) on a dark, bitterly cold, late-Autumn evening as it heads the Up Railway Touring Company (RTC) Lindum Christmas Fayre from Lincoln-Central to London-King's Cross on the East Coast Main Line (ECML) between Peterborough and London-King's Cross. It's Saturday 8th December 2012 and the time was 21:31. UoSA was following the 20:58 First Capital Connect (FC) Metro service from Welwyn Garden City to London-King's Cross. UoSA was 21 minutes late. I think the original plan was to run UoSA on the Up Main but, as it was late and the 20:16 FC Main-Line service from Peterborough to London-King's Cross was close behind UoSA had to run on the Up-Relief. Still it passed me at a fair pace. I'm sorry about the shout. There was a very enthusiastic, let's say mature rather than elderly, lady waiting to see UoSA on Platform 3. When she saw UoSA' headlights she couldn't contain her enthusiasm. From NBA UoSA heads South up the ECML to London-King's Cross which is the end of the road. Trivia time. This was the 86th up main-line steam excursion of 2012 in the London area. By this stage last year (08-Dec-2011) 70013 had run the 95th . The difference in 2012 largely due to the Olympics. This was the 2nd up main-line run of 2012 by UoSA in London. Last year, UoSA was under repair. It's the 27th up RTC steam special in the London area in 2012. On 03-Dec-2011 RTC put on ...

60009 Union of SA glides out of King's Cross. Down Lindum Xmas Fayre. 08-Dec-2012.MOV [01:57]
London & North Eastern Railway A4 Class No: 60009 Union of South Africa (UoSA), in BR Brunswick Green livery, gracefully departs London-King's Cross (KGX) on a bright but cold, late-Autumn morning as it heads the Down Railway Touring Company (RTC) Lindum Christmas Fayre from London-King's Cross to Lincoln-Central on the East Coast Main-Line (ECML) between London and Peterborough. It's Saturday 8th December 2012 and the time was 09:08. UoSA was following the 09:06 First Capital Connect (FC) Main-Line service from KGX to Cambridge. UoSA was on time. At the end of the film you can see the 08:28 FC Metro train popping out of Gasworks Tunnel. Sorry it was wobbly but the Network Rail guys insisted we cannot use tripods. Also, sorry about the guy in the hat. From KGX UoSA heads North down the ECML and makes its 1st pick-up at Potter's Bar. UoSA continues North making its 2nd pick-up at Stevenage. From Stevenage UoSA continues North then stopping at Holme Level Crossing for water. From Holme UoSA continues North making its final pick-up at Peterborough. After Peterborough UoSA turns North-East, off the ECML at Werrington Junction and takes the East Midlands route through Spalding and Sleaford to Lincoln-Central. Scheduled time of arrival at Lincoln is 12:45. Trivia time. This was the 87th down main-line steam excursion of 2012 in the London area. By this stage last year (03-Dec-2011) 35017 had run the 94th . The difference in 2012 largely due to the Olympics. This was the 1st ...

Gold Reef City, Johannesburg - South Africa [10:29]
English see below [dt.] Gold Reef City ist ein Freizeitpark in Johannesburg, Südafrika, der zu verschiedenen Themenbereiche ein Unterhaltungsangebot zur Verfügung stellt. Im Zentrum steht die ehemalige Crown Gold Mine, eine der tiefsten Goldminen der Welt. In bis zu 4,2 km Tiefe wurden bis 1982 ca. 1400 Tonnen Gold gefördert. Heute können Besucher in einer geführten Tour ca. 240 m in die Tiefe fahren. Neben historischen Lokomotiven und Tresorwagons sind eine Reihe alter Maschinen, oft aus deutscher Fertigung, wie Druckereimaschinen oder Münzprägemaschinen zu besichtigen. Im trockenen Kontinentalklima von Johannesburg konnten diese Maschinen über Jahrzehnte konserviert werden. Tanzeinlagen unterschiedlicher Gruppen in historischen Kostümen lockern das Angebot auf. Kindern wird die Möglichkeit zum Goldwaschen geboten. Auch Wildwasserfahrten und Achterbahnen dienen dem Zeitvertreib. Höhepunkt ist das Gießen von Goldbarren im Goldgräber-Museum. Im Video sehen Sie wie ein 12,5kg schwerer Goldbarren gegossen wird. Wer einen konischen Goldbarren waagrecht mit einer Hand heben kann, darf diesen auch mitnehmen. Es ist bisher aber noch niemandem gelungen! ***** [en.] Gold Reef City is a Theme Park in Johannesburg -South Africa- with an entertainment program on various topics. In the center is the former Crown Gold Mine, one of the deepest gold mines in the world. Until 1982 about 1400 tons of gold have been produced from up to 4.2 km depth. Today, visitors can descend into a 240 m ...

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