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The Durban Botanic Gardens (South Africa) [01:27]
(EN) .The Durban Botanic Gardens is situated in the City of Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. It is Durban's oldest public institution and Africa's oldest surviving botanic gardens. The gardens cover an area of 15 hectares in a subtropical climate.The Durban Botanic Gardens was established to participate in the quest of Kew Gardens to establish a series of botanic gardens across the world which would assist in the introduction of economically valuable plants, and to supply plants to Kew that were new to science. The first garden was established in December 1849 by Dr Charles Johnston on the edge of the Berea Ridge next to the Umgeni River (near Quarry Road). He was in charge of the gardens for less than 1 year. A Scot called Mark McKen then took his place and began to establish gardens of plants of economic value such as sugar cane, tea, coffee and pineapples. In 1851 the botanical gardens were relocated closer to town, to its present site. From 1853 to 1860 there were various curators, the most notable of which was Robert Plant, who died of malaria while collecting plants near Lake st. Lucia. McKen then returned in 1860 and was the curator for the next 12 years; until his death in 1872. A German by the name of William Keit arrived from Glasnevin in Ireland to take over the curatorship of the gardens, but economic depression in Natal, a drought, and the Anglo-Zulu War took its toll. Keit resigned in 1881 to become a nurseryman and was later Durban's first director of ...

Kayak in South Africa [01:57]
St Lucia Kayak Safaris provide you with the chance to kayak with the hippos and crocodiles of the St Lucia Estaury which is part of the iSimangaliso Wetland Park in South Africa. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site packed with different birds, animals and plants that it seeks to protect.

Exotic Plants at Botanic Garden, Dublin [01:01]
© DeadlyTeaParty Property I took this video on Wednesday 22nd August 2012 Platycerium is a genus of about 18 fern species in the polypod family, Polypodiaceae. Ferns in this genus are widely known as staghorn or elkhorn ferns due to their uniquely-shaped fronds. This genus is epiphytic and is native to tropical and temperate areas of South America, Africa, Southeast Asia, Australia and New Guinea1. Platycerium sporophytes (adult plants) have tufted roots growing from a short rhizome that bears two types of fronds, basal and fertile fronds. Basal fronds are sterile, shield or kidney shaped and laminate against the tree and protect the fern's roots from damage and desiccation. In some Platycerium species the top margin of these fronds forms an open crown of lobes and thereby catches falling forest litter and water. Fertile fronds bear spores on their undersurface, are dichotomous or antler shaped and jut out or hang from the rhizome. The spores are born in sporangia clustered in large sori that are usually positioned on the lobes or at the sinus between frond lobes. Some species of Platycerium are solitary having only one rhizome. Other species form colonies when their rhizomes branch or when new rhizomes are formed from root tips. If the conditions are right the spores will germinate naturally on surrounding trees. Platycerium gametophytes are a small heart shaped thallus. Platycerium have diverged into four natural groups. Several Platycerium are strongly adapted to xeric ...
Tags: Exotic, Plants, at, Botanic, Garden, Dublin, plant, flowers, flower, nature, natural, deadlyteaparty, Property, Africa, spores, spore, rhizomes, fertile, fronds, South, America, Australia, Polypodiaceae, elkhorn, Platycerium, New, Guinea, Bifurcatum, stag

Succulent Collection Zurich [03:10]
For the true cactus and succulent lovers: Zurich in Switzerland houses the largest succulent plants collection in the world. Over 6500 different species from around the globe in different, theme-bound, greenhouses. Pictured and compiled by Green Cathedral of South Africa (Stanford, Western Cape) with a Sony snapshooter and without the use of photoshop. Music: Planta Baja, performed by Tres Tristes Tangos
Tags: Zurich (City/Town/Village), succulents, cactus, Tres Tristes Tango, collection, Green Cathedral, South Africa (Country), Stanford, species, globe, Switzerland, gardens

Botanical Garden Caledon South Africa [03:52]
Anno 1892 The Caledon Botanical Garden is one of the oldest in South Africa. The 56 hectare large garden is situated in a 214 hectare large nature reserve (one of the first recognized conservation areas in South Africa) with a 10 km long hiking trail. Not only are the plants in this garden indigenous but they are endemic to the region; with other words: the plants origin! Not a tourist trap with restaurants, coffee shops and crafts (made in China) outlets for you have to take your own drinks and food. Pictured in May (with a Blackberry) and in August 2012 (with Sony Snapshooter) and edited as is (no photoshop or simular software). Music by Kevin MacLeod: "Pixel Peeker Polka". Ever danced a Polka in a botanical garden? Well; we did!!! Production: Green Cathedral of South Africa, Stanford, Western Cape
Tags: South Africa (Country), Caledon, botanical garden, nature reserve, green cathedral, Stanford, flower, Flowers, Western Cape, polka, dance

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