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This is a video showing the 190 days I spent in the village of Mphahlele, deep into the rural parts of South Africa. I did a school exchange program with AFS 2011-2012. I lived in a farely poor village called Mphahlele in Limpopo province. While the western population instantly thinks of poverty, hunger, corruption, HIV, aids and suffering when they hear the word "Africa", there are so much more to this beautiful continent. Africans are the happiest people in the world. They understand that happiness does not come from financial wealth and material goods. As long as they have music, dancing, laughter and loved ones they are happy. That is what I wanted to capture in this video. Enjoy!

PAUL HODGE: SOWETO SOUTH AFRICA, AROUND WORLD IN 47 DAYS, Ch 84, Amazing World in Minutes [03:57]
Chapter 84 of Paul Hodge's September, 2012 video book "How to Go Around the World in 47 Days" chronicles Paul's May 18th, 2012 exploration of Soweto's different neighborhoods. From the video, one can see that some Soweto citizens live in relatively nice dwellings while others live in housing projects and shanty towns. It is estimated that about seven million South Africans live in inadequate housing with inadequate supplies of potable water. Since Mandela's Presidency, the government has built over 1.5 cheap houses for about 6 million people. Critics have noted that about 65% of this new housing does not comply with building regulations, has inadequate water supplies and resembles the bleak, unattractive housing of the former Apartheid government. This video highlights this public housing. Soweto comprises about 1.5 million people about 30-40% of Johannesburg's population and is about 35 miles from Sandton. Soweto was created by the country's apartheid policies to segregate and exploit Black Africans. Because of the poverty and increased oppression, it was here in Soweto that an uprising was started and there were mass protests against the South African government's vicious apartheid policies. Many people died in the protests including Hector Pieterson, a twelve year old child. The Soweto protests had a great impact throughout the country and the World. Ultimately, because the people of Soweto took that first stand, the African apartheid system crumbled. It should be ...

Authentic South African Jazz [00:26]
welcome to the Langa township in capetown, south africa! Mzanga is a family owned restuarant started by an entrepreneur living in the bleek townships- their hospitality is uncanny!
Tags: dance, patta, south, africa, South Africa (Country), Kenya, Haiti, townships, poverty, restaurant, authentic, dancing, americans, zulu, africans, entrepreneurs, saxophone, Jazz, New, unseen, exposed, talent, best, music, great, food, population, United St

SISONKE CCDC 2007 Trailer [04:08]
SISONKE, South Africa -- Europe A platform against poverty and for togetherness created by KulturAXE Vienna (A) and IMFUNDISO Skills Development South Africa Video production: Mascha Fekete, KulturAXE with a poem of Keorapetse W. Kgositsile Music by Samson Mnisi aka DJ Fatman "Zanele", In a choreography of Liz King (A) and Moeketsi Koena (RSA), documenting the CROSS CONTINENTAL DESIGN CATWALK (CCDC) '07, Jewellery & Fashion Design performance performed at the New Design Festival NDU, designforumMQ, Museumsquartier Vienna, March 2007
Tags: SISONKE, Mascha Fekete, Kulturaxe, Samson Mnisi, DJ fatman, Moeketsi KOENA, Liz King, Museumsquartier, NDU, jewellery, poverty, South Africa, Caroline Fekete-Kaiser, fashion, VSVU, Vienna, design, dance, CCDC

Cape Town Design Capital 2014 [02:08]
Visit to read the full article South Africa is proving that it has the ability to rise above its controversial past, with the country's growing industry showing off their architecture and design chops with a spate of enviable projects and awards. The country set a new standard with the recent development of their first ever 6 Star Green Star building as certified by the Green Building Council of South Africa, and are now moving forward with major city Cape Town named as World Design Capital 2014. This is an incredible achievement, not only in terms of what the country is capable of in regard to industry efforts, but it shows a new level of social and environmental consciousness that is so difficult to harbour in an area of the world that is so riddled with monumental issues such as crime, poverty and HIV. As sourced from CapeTownWDC2014
Tags: World Design Capital, Cape Town, City Of Cape Town, 2014, Award Winning, City Planning, Design Award, Social investment, South Africa

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