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FACE ADRENALIN: Highest Commercial Bungee Jump in the World - Bloukrans River Bridge, South Africa [06:05]
Guiness World Records Highest Commercial Bungee Jump in the World is from 216 metres high - Bloukrans River Bridge, near Plettenberg Bay, South Africa. Took care of this beast while independently travelling SA during the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Twitter: @BarnyeEast

Land rover escapes from Elephant in Schotia, South Africa [03:26]
Several people in the Land rover had some scary moments when the Elephant decided to play with their car. The driver of the car is trying to scare the Elephant away by continuously shouting at it. The Elephant eventually only damaged the car, ripping of a light from the side and creating a nice dent. It was a scary but also amazing moment. Schotia delivers you a fantastic experience. No doubt about that.

Protea Reef 16 Feb 2013.mp4 [01:42]
After the usual hectic river mouth launch out of the mighty Umzimkulu (Port Shepstone), we headed out on a bumpy sea, to Protea Reef a few miles out, to take on the yellowfin tuna that frequent it's pinnacles. The first two drifts at 3.5knots yielded nothing, but on our third attempt, things hotted up fast. Guest on the Niteshift - Randy Stevens, was the first to have his arms stretched - by a nice yellowfin of about 8kg's. That fish started the rush and soon we were going 3 sticks away. The yellowfin got bigger and bigger and our last fish - caught by Frenzy, weighed in at 14kgs.

Kruger National Park Skukuza Rest Camp South Africa [03:28]
For more travel videos, tours, photos and tips check out kruger national park skukuza rest camp. i took this shot for people who wanted to realize their dream of an african safari adventure. this should give you an idea of what rest camps in the bush look like. they are actually quite developed and comfortable. this was the first camp i stayed in which was only last week as of this posting. the other 2 camps were nebulei and oliphant which was really nice by the river. it sounds spooky at night when you hear lions hyenas and hippos, but very exciting and adventurous. For more world travel videos, photos and tips visit my website at

Against The Flow - Episode 9 [24:03]
Against The Flow is a road trip featuring four friends tracking the course of South Africa's longest river. the 2300 km long river has over time been known variously as the Orange, Groot, Gariep, Senqu or simply Great River. This odyssey begins in the stark coastal desert of the Northern Cape, at the mouth. It ends sixty-five days later at the source in the verdant highlands of Lesotho. From white water rafting to the pursuit of Fly-fishing, the river is engaged intimately. Tracking westerly across South Africa's Thirstlands a collage of towns, histories, landscapes and experiences are documented. Characters ranging from San Bushman to a small town cheerleader, tell stories of mystical man-eating river snakes, elusive diamond eating yellow fish and events that have shaped the lives of those living alongside this mighty waterway.

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