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VESA Africa Unearthed #3 Ben's experience through digital narrative [05:31]
This video was created for a Uni task, representing volunteer work through a digital narrative which could be shown to a primary school class, so all the bar...

King Richard School Kenya Trip 2013 with Planet Sport and African Adventures [06:51]
King Richard School, in collaboration with Planet Sport and African Adventures, sent 13 staff and students to work with St Trizah's School Project in Nakuru,...

Joe & Henry South Africa 2012 [11:00]
Two 14 Year old boys (Joe McQuillan & Henry Baird) who had the experience of their lives together for 3 months in Durban, South Africa. With no friends or family within 16000 KM, all they had was each other. They experienced South African rugby and schooling, but more importantly made friends for life and priceless life skills. Likes, Subscribes, Comments, Shares, Retweets and Blog Posts of our amazing life adventure would be great. 4th April - 14th June 2012 'It takes courage to grow up and turn out to be who you really are.' - EE Cummings

SCI Northeast Indiana - Blue Bag Delivery To School in South Africa - Kids Sing [01:56]
SCI Northeast Indiana Chapter President Dale Budzon and his son Alex deliver a Blue Bag full of school supplies and other much needed items to a school in a small village in South Africa in May of 2012. While there, they enjoyed hearing the students sing their national song, as captured in this video. The Blue Bag program is an integral part of Safari Club International and SCI Northeast Indiana Chapter encourages all members to be a part of this program when they travel for a hunting trip.

Bida is the second largest city in Niger State with an estimated population of 178840 (2007).It is located southwest of Minna, capital of Niger State, and is a dry, arid town. The major ethnic group is the Nupe. Bida is the headquarters of the Nupe Kingdom led by the Etsu Yahaya Abubakar and consisting of many districts, such as Katcha, Lapai, Mokwa, Enagi, Baddeggi, Agaie, Pategi, Lemu, Kutigi, and others. The leadership style of the ancient town of Bida is emirship, and the head of the town is addressed as Etsu Nupe.The town is known for its production of traditional crafts, notably glass and brassware. Bida is also known for its Durbar festival.It is also the home of the Federal Polytechnic Bida.Bida, town and traditional emirate, Niger state, west-central Nigeria. The town is on the Bako River, a minor tributary of the Niger, and lies at the intersection of roads from Jebba, Zungeru, and Agaie. Originally a small settlement of the Beni (Bini) people, a subgroup of the Nupe, it was captured about 1531 by Tsoede (Edegi), the founder of the Nupe kingdom and the first etsu Nupe ("king of the Nupe people"). When the kingdom was conquered about 1806 by Fulani warriors, its central region was incorporated as the Nupe emirate in the Fulani empire. Emir Usman Zaki proclaimed himself etsu Nupe in 1835; and, after defeating Umar Bahaushe, a rival Fulani emir, in the Nupe civil war (1847--56) at Bida, he named Bida to replace the emirate's old capital at Raba (Rabba), 67 miles ...

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