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Britannia Bay;St Helena bay;West Coast;South Africa; Slideshow Home 827.wmv [02:34]
Britannia Bay;St Helena bay;West Coast;South Africa; Slideshow Home 827.wmv. Contact for more info.
Tags: South Africa (Country), West, Coast, Fish, beach, holiday

Phinda Game Reserve Slideshow [01:08]
Phinda Reserve, South Africa
Tags: Phinda Reserve, South Africa (Country)

Cronus Travels - South Africa [Intro Scene] [00:28]
This is the intro to a series of slideshows and vlogs that I will be making while I'm on a safari in South Africa next year, and when I return home to the United States afterwards. I will most-likely be staying in Kruger National Park while in South Africa. -- 2010 FIFA World Cup: South Africa intro is owned by FIFA. The world flag map was used from USA grunge flag is owned by xxoblivionxx from deviantART. South Africa grunge flag is owned by think0 of deviantART. Survivor™ font is owned by Jeff Probst and Mark Burnett.
Tags: Cronus, Travels, Cronus Travels, South Africa, Africa, Safari, Intro, Global, World, 2010 FIFA World Cup, Slideshow, USA, North America, Grunge, Flag, deviantart, Survivor, Font, Jeff, Probst, Mark, Burnett, cronus600gaia

Haiti Slideshow Port-au-Prince 2012 Mission of Hope [04:35]
Song: Washed Away by Aaron Gillespie Union Christian Academy Seniors Mission Trip to Port-au-Prince Haiti Mission of Hope Foundation Class of 2012
Tags: Haiti (Country), Hope (Quotation Subject), Mission (Christianity), Africa, mission, of, hope, foundation, union, christian, academy, senior, seniors, class, 2012, fort, smith, arkansas, ar, Run, South, Only, Speed, Pig, Kenya, Earthquake, You, Moore, Metr

Cape Town Slideshow #1 Tour From Downtown To Cape Of Good Hope [07:55]
Here is part one slideshow of our vacation in Capetown in Sept, 2011. You will see some sights in Capetown and some lovely scenic shots along the beautiful coastline all the way down to the Cape Of Good Hope. Our favorites on this first leg of the trip were the gorgeous light beaches, the lovely deep blue-green water and especially the ostriches near the beaches- wow what a sight!
Tags: Cape Town, South Africa, Cape of Good Hope, Beaches, Scenic, Drive

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