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Against The Flow - Episode 9 [24:03]
Against The Flow is a road trip featuring four friends tracking the course of South Africa's longest river. the 2300 km long river has over time been known variously as the Orange, Groot, Gariep, Senqu or simply Great River. This odyssey begins in the stark coastal desert of the Northern Cape, at the mouth. It ends sixty-five days later at the source in the verdant highlands of Lesotho. From white water rafting to the pursuit of Fly-fishing, the river is engaged intimately. Tracking westerly across South Africa's Thirstlands a collage of towns, histories, landscapes and experiences are documented. Characters ranging from San Bushman to a small town cheerleader, tell stories of mystical man-eating river snakes, elusive diamond eating yellow fish and events that have shaped the lives of those living alongside this mighty waterway.

Cave of Fertility: holy people of the Sotho by Ton van der Lee [21:15]
The Cave of Fertility is a holy cave where sangomas or traditional healers of the Sotho people have lived for centuries. Pilgrims from all over Lesotho and South Africa come here to be instructed, enlightened and healed. The Cave is situated at an altitude of 2000 m on the border of Lesotho and South Africa. The 2012 film expedition organised by Spirits of Africa portrays the Cave and its inhabitants. It focuses on Josephine Moloi Malrato who heals people while in trance with the power of an ancestor who lives inside her. The film also portrays three other sangomas and a night of singing and trance in which hundreds of pilgrims worship in the cave.

My Trip To Southern Africa [03:48]
In 2010 I was one of sixty Cadets in the United Kingdom selected to go to the kingdom of Lesotho in Southern Africa on behalf of HRH Prince Harry's charity 'Sentebale'. For a month, I worked with children with HIV and climbed Thabana Ntlenyana, the highest mountain in Southern Africa (boom). I hope you guys enjoy this video!

The rough road to Sani Pass... [00:33]
Charley Boorman takes his bike on a daunting journey up the Sani Pass which links KwaZulu-Natal to Lesotho. This clip was shot as part of Charley Boorman's South African Adventure. This episode will air on Channel 5 on the 14th of January 2013.

south africa part 3 [13:33]
september - october 2012 - South-Africa part 1 cape town - table mount htttp:// part 2 stellenbosch - boulders beach - port elizabeth part 3 addo elephant park - schotia private game reserve - coffee bay part 4 durban - lesotho part 5 kruger national park - moholoholo worldlife rehabilitation centre part 6 blyde river canyon - soweto

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