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El Hierro La Restinga submarine Volcanic Eruption [10:41]
16.12.2012.El Hierro La Restinga . Satellite image of El Hierro. The village of La Restinga shows as the white area on the southern tip of the island; the October 2011 - March 2012 eruption took place in the sea ca. 2 km to the south of this. The 2011-2012 El Hierro eruption is an on-going volcanic event just off the island of El Hierro, the smallest and farthest south and west of the Canary Islands (an Autonomous Community of Spain), in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Africa. The island is also the youngest in the island chain. The October 2011 - March 2012 eruption was underwater, with a fissure of vents located approximately 2 km to the south of the fishing village of La Restinga on the southern coast of the island. As of June 2012, increased seismicity to the north-west of the vent suggests another phase in the area's volcanic activity - comprising just deep-seated magma movements with associated earthquakes and deformation of the island at this June 2012 stage - is under way. A second phase of eruptive activity has not yet occurred, and it does not necessarily follow that it will occur. September 2012 activity In mid September 2012 earthquake activity increased again.Rising from beneath the waves: A new Canary Island emerges as underwater volcano hits the surface Volcano off El Hierro is just 70metres away from the surface and is spewing magma 20metres into the sky Nearby town is evacuated and ships banned from travelling to the area as strong smell of sulphur ...

60009 Union of South Africa hurries past New Barnet Up Lindum Xmas Fayre 08 Dec 2012 [00:59]
London & North Eastern Railway A4 Class No: 60009 Union of South Africa (UoSA), in BR Brunswick Green livery, passes New Barnet (NBA) on a dark, bitterly cold, late-Autumn evening as it heads the Up Railway Touring Company (RTC) Lindum Christmas Fayre from Lincoln-Central to London-King's Cross on the East Coast Main Line (ECML) between Peterborough and London-King's Cross. It's Saturday 8th December 2012 and the time was 21:31. UoSA was following the 20:58 First Capital Connect (FC) Metro service from Welwyn Garden City to London-King's Cross. UoSA was 21 minutes late. I think the original plan was to run UoSA on the Up Main but, as it was late and the 20:16 FC Main-Line service from Peterborough to London-King's Cross was close behind UoSA had to run on the Up-Relief. Still it passed me at a fair pace. I'm sorry about the shout. There was a very enthusiastic, let's say mature rather than elderly, lady waiting to see UoSA on Platform 3. When she saw UoSA' headlights she couldn't contain her enthusiasm. From NBA UoSA heads South up the ECML to London-King's Cross which is the end of the road. Trivia time. This was the 86th up main-line steam excursion of 2012 in the London area. By this stage last year (08-Dec-2011) 70013 had run the 95th . The difference in 2012 largely due to the Olympics. This was the 2nd up main-line run of 2012 by UoSA in London. Last year, UoSA was under repair. It's the 27th up RTC steam special in the London area in 2012. On 03-Dec-2011 RTC put on ...

60009 Union of SA glides out of King's Cross. Down Lindum Xmas Fayre. 08-Dec-2012.MOV [01:57]
London & North Eastern Railway A4 Class No: 60009 Union of South Africa (UoSA), in BR Brunswick Green livery, gracefully departs London-King's Cross (KGX) on a bright but cold, late-Autumn morning as it heads the Down Railway Touring Company (RTC) Lindum Christmas Fayre from London-King's Cross to Lincoln-Central on the East Coast Main-Line (ECML) between London and Peterborough. It's Saturday 8th December 2012 and the time was 09:08. UoSA was following the 09:06 First Capital Connect (FC) Main-Line service from KGX to Cambridge. UoSA was on time. At the end of the film you can see the 08:28 FC Metro train popping out of Gasworks Tunnel. Sorry it was wobbly but the Network Rail guys insisted we cannot use tripods. Also, sorry about the guy in the hat. From KGX UoSA heads North down the ECML and makes its 1st pick-up at Potter's Bar. UoSA continues North making its 2nd pick-up at Stevenage. From Stevenage UoSA continues North then stopping at Holme Level Crossing for water. From Holme UoSA continues North making its final pick-up at Peterborough. After Peterborough UoSA turns North-East, off the ECML at Werrington Junction and takes the East Midlands route through Spalding and Sleaford to Lincoln-Central. Scheduled time of arrival at Lincoln is 12:45. Trivia time. This was the 87th down main-line steam excursion of 2012 in the London area. By this stage last year (03-Dec-2011) 35017 had run the 94th . The difference in 2012 largely due to the Olympics. This was the 1st ...

60009 Union of South Africa on the Hadrian 27 10 2012 [13:27]
We planned a trip on The Railway Touring Companies "The Hadrian" for Saturday 27 October 2012. The route starts at Skipton and is diesel hauled through to York picking up passengers at Shipley and, our starting point, Leeds. The West Coast Railways diesel 57 601 was in charge from Skipton and sneaked into Leeds early whilst we were trying to keep warm in the freezing cold temperature. There was time at York to watch the change from diesel to steam power as 60009 Union of South Africa was coupled up at the head of the train to take over charge of the train on its round trip back to York. As you'll see hundreds of enthusiasts wanted the perfect picture of 60009 at York and this turned out to be the case all along the route and at each stop the locomotive made. The next stage of the journey was down the East Coast Main line to Durham where I did manage some pictures of the cathedral as we sped through the station. After Durham our locomotive took on water at Low Fell Royal Mail Terminal before heading West along the banks of the Tyne towards its destination - Carlisle - passing through Hexham and Haltwhistle on the way. There were more photo opportunities at Carlisle but I think most people were surprised as 60009 reversed out of the station. I don't know if the weddings pictures were by chance or organised as a special occasion. All the best to the couple in any case. We returned to Carlisle Station in time to see 57 601 and 60009 carrying out a few operational manoeuvres ...

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