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South Africa faces wave of strikes [01:14]
South Africa faces wave of strikes Gold workers on strike in South Africa as a spate of wildcat miners' strikes spreads to other sectors. The walk outs are now escalating the labor unrest that has become a major headache for South African President Jacob Zuma. Now mineworkers in the platinum, gold and coal sectors are demanding more money. (SOUNDBITE) (Isizulu) STRIKING MINE WORKER, SIBUSISO NTJIMA, SAYING: "All we want is money. We have been waiting for that money since 2003. We want it and there is no turning back." The spreading labor unrest has raised fears the country could see a repeat of the stand-off with police at Lonmin's platinum mine in August that led to the shooting of 34 miners. That was South Africa's bloodiest security incident since the end of apartheid in 1994. An official commission has started a probe into the killings this week. As many as 75000 miners, or 15 percent of the South African mining sector's total workforce, are already out on strikes.

Chris Strikes Gorge Jumping Off Oribi Gorge in South Africa 2010 [03:49]
During the 2010 World Cup in South Africa I decided to jump off a cliff! lol Enjoy the video! Background music is Drake & Lil Wayne "HYFR" I do not own the rights to the music and this video is not for any commercial purposes.
Tags: director, chris, strikes, oribi, gorge, swing, bungee, jump, south, africa, 2010, fifa, world, cup

WORLD'S DEADLIEST BEACHES - 10 Deadliest Beaches in The World for Shark Attacks, Pollution, ETC [02:30]
WORLD'S DEADLIEST BEACHES - 10 Deadliest Beaches in The World for Shark Attacks, Pollution, ETC. Box jellyfish killers in Queensland, Australia. Polluted beaches at Chowpatty Beach, Mumbai, India, the world's most polluted beach. Volcano eruptions constantly at Kilavea, Hawaii, plus 102 shark attacks there. Violent crime and shark attacks at Praia de Boa Viagem, Brazil. Rip tides, currents and tidal waves at Hanakapiai, Hawaii. Shark attacks at Shark Alley, Gansbaai, South Africa, where great white sharks patrol and attack humans. Lightning strikes at Volusia County, Florida. Fraser Island, Australia has shark attacks and jellyfish deaths. Bikini Atoll in the US Marshall Islands was home to nuclear testing. Everybody left and nobody fishes there, so sharks abound and shark attacks are common. The red Triangle, California, has the world's highest rate of shark attacks.
Tags: dangerous beach, nuclear testing, bikini atoll, marshall islands, red triangle california, lightning strikes, shark alley, gansbaii south africa, volusia county florida, fraser island, chowpatty beach, mumbai, kilavea hawaii, volcano eruption, hanakapiai

Swimming with JAWS (Part 2) - Kleinbaai, South Africa (jaws the ride underwater pics, slideshow) [02:21]
A TripAdvisor™ TripWow video of a travel blog to Kleinbaai, South Africa by TravelPod blogger Mattersdorff. See this TripWow and more at Swimming with JAWS (Part 2) "Continued from Part 1. KIRILEE deserves credit for taking all the cool photos here, I only shot the underwater ones. And then it happened as one of the crew yelled out... 'SHARK'! He was indicating that it was on the other side of our boat and a few of us hurriedly ran over to try and spot it but it was gone in an instant... but no sooner had it gone that it reappeared just under the surface as it circled around to the other side. The excitement was palpable... I kid you not, the adrenalin was pumping so much that I almost felt like fobbing off the cage and wanted to jump right into the water there and then to get up close to this amazing animal... only kidding, but I was annoyed I hadn't yet got my goggles, booties and head cover on in order to jump into the cage. While the other three got ready, we watched in absolute awe as this enormous great white continued to circle our boat, making a few strikes towards the bait.... carving it's way through the water then jerking towards the bait on the surface where we got an astonishing close-up view of its ferocious JAWS, a terrifying set of double-rowed, razor-sharp teeth. I can so distinctly remember looking up to the top level of our boat to where Kirilee was sat... looking at each other, we didn't have to say a word.... THIS WAS ...
Tags: kleinbaai, south africa 2008, jaws, jaws attacks, diamond jaws, jaws the ride underwater pics, jaws attacking, jaws the wave map, touching within, big sharks photographs, swimming, with, part, western cape, south africa, trip, slideshow, tripwow, tripadvi

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