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Pakhuis Pass, Cederberg - Mountain Passes of South Africa [02:42]
The Pakhuis ( translated - Packing shed) Pass starts just outside Clanwilliam and connects with the Karoo town of Calvinia and beyond. Thomas Bain, was an incribly energetic man of many talents, which included art, rock paintings, geology, cartography and engineering. At the time of building the Pakhuis Pass, he was busy with no less than four other passes in the Western Cape. The Cape has a lot to thank him for in terms of how the region developed economically. the quality of his workmanship has truly stood the test of time with many of his works having become national monuments. Back in 1877 Bain reconnoitered the route on horseback and created the start of what is a marvellous, tarred road across the rugged Cederberg Mountains. The pass was only recently tarred (2011/2012) One of a series of videos feauturing mountain passes of South Africa, showing technical, historical and GPS data. This video features the entire (unofficial) pass starting just outside Clanwilliam and ending at the first farmhouse at the bottom of the Agter Pakhuis. Along the route there are several B&B and guest farm establishments, ranging from rustic all the way through to 6 star international quality. Every visitor should spend at least one night in the Cederberg and wonder at the awe inspiring galaxies spiralling in the sky at night - the display is out of this world. Take time and stop at C.Louis Leipoldts grave about halfway along the route on the eastern side of the road. It is well marked ...

D.Kim in South Africa: Hoerskool Vorento Students Welcome [05:09]
The incredibly talented students of Hoerskool Vorento welcome us with African praises
Tags: Hoerskool, Vorento, Johannesburg, South, Africa, African, Praises

Authentic South African Jazz [00:26]
welcome to the Langa township in capetown, south africa! Mzanga is a family owned restuarant started by an entrepreneur living in the bleek townships- their hospitality is uncanny!
Tags: dance, patta, south, africa, South Africa (Country), Kenya, Haiti, townships, poverty, restaurant, authentic, dancing, americans, zulu, africans, entrepreneurs, saxophone, Jazz, New, unseen, exposed, talent, best, music, great, food, population, United St

LaviniaCamera 223.AVI [02:20]
This is when we were in South Africa in March 2011 and was at lunch and this group came by and sang for us. They were very talented.
Tags: Lavinia Masters, South Africa

IMG_0245.MOV [00:55]
7th Element's Tap routine for the lastest lauch
Tags: SA, tap, Launch, production, activation, South Africa, talent

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