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"Dolphins franziness" Mrduss's photos around Hermanus, South Africa [01:06]
A TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow of a travel blog to Hermanus, South Africa by TravelPod blogger Mrduss titled "Dolphins franziness" Mrduss's travel blog entry: "More pictures During the quiet winter of the Wild Coast, I end up "renting" a house with a view on Cintsa Bay. As Buccaneers is quiet, I actually get a little bungalow for myself, an afternoon enjoying doing nothing, except listening to the ocean, the wind in the trees and the birds singing. Some quiet time after a wonderful week along the Garden Route. A week ago in Hermanus, I embarked on a whale watching boat catamaran in the early morning when the ocean is calmer. At that time, the wind is quite chilly, but with 2 others we can't help stand outside the cabin to enjoy the beauty of the coast...and eventually spot whales before the crew. Not only we do not spot anything before the crew, but each time they point out where to look, it takes us a few seconds for our eyes to spot the giant mammals. We watch a mother and her newly born for a little while. Each of us get his shot of the tail (the one to bring home after the big 5), but we do not see any crazy jump off the water, or a whale crushing a sail boat (it actually happened that same day a few km away, with the picture plastered all over the newspaper). A quiet morning for the crew until the captain shouted: "the ocean is boiling at the horizon, we got to leave the whales and check it out". Getting closer, the ocean seems, indeed, like ...
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"Crouching Monkey, Hidden Path" Jmo's photos around Johannesburg, South Africa [02:38]
A TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow of a travel blog to Johannesburg, South Africa by TravelPod blogger Jmo titled "Crouching Monkey, Hidden Path" Jmo's travel blog entry: "Hi Everybody, Following Jordan's epic battle with the ocean, we decided it was best to leave the beautiful Transkei coast and head for the safety of the nearby Drakensberg mountains on the border with Lesotho. Drakensberg means dragon's mountain in Afrikaans, it´s Zulu name Quathlamba translates to battlement of spears. Upon arrival we understood why these imposing mountains were given such fearsome names. A foreboding sheer brown granite wall rises dramatically up from rolling foothills which from a distance look as if they are draped in rich green velvet. We spent our first day hiking up to 2100m (6300 feet) from where we had sweeping views of the valley below and the peaks above. We continued along the contour to a shady spot next to one of the many waterfalls cascading down the mountain, where we stopped to eat our picnic lunch before heading back down through the valley. On our way back we heard a loud crashing noise and saw a rock slide occur just below the path. Running from the rocks were several large dark shapes; we had come across a troop of baboons. Hiking the Drakensberg is hard enough due to the exposed steep terrain, but I had no idea we had to negotiate monkey landslides, not to mention baboons are notorious lunch stealers. Jordan was excited that he got to hike with monkeys and continued ...
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"Waves, Weather, Potholes and Livestock" Peteandmandy's photos around Cape St Francis, South Africa [01:37]
A TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow of a travel blog to Cape St Francis, South Africa by TravelPod blogger Peteandmandy titled "Waves, Weather, Potholes and Livestock" Peteandmandy's travel blog entry: "Hi we're back!!! We briefly dropped of the face of the earth but we are back now. On Wednesday after Pete's quick surf with some seals we left Mossel Bay not 100% sure on where we were going. After checking out Wilderness, Plentenberg Bay we decided to high tail to Cape St Francis just south of Jeffreys Bay. We found a self contained unit overlooking the ocean for 350 rand a night ($60 AUD) with our on private track to the beach. This place was such a beautiful place we ended up staying 6 nights. The first morning (Thursday) we encountered a thick sea mist making us think it was a grey and overcast day only when we went to St Francis Bay about 5 minutes away we realised that just back from the coast there wasn't a cloud in the sky. This soon cleared up to a beautiful day which we spent down the beach and Pete surfed great waves on the beach break for hours. Friday the weather did change, it reached a maximum of 14 degrees, with a 40 knot westerly blowing, thunder, lightning rain and very coooolllldddd. Wasn't much else to do so we thought we'd go for a drive to Jeffreys Bay. The weather was abysmal but even so Jeffreys Bay town didn't really appeal to us, Cape St Francis is much more natural and beautiful. Didn't do to much else today. Saturday was even colder, windier and we ...
Tags: st francis bay weather, plentenberg bay, weather iafrica cape st, waves weather, cape st francis waves, waves, weather, potholes, livestock, cape st francis, eastern cape, south africa, trip, slideshow, tripwow, tripadvisor, photography, vacation, photos

"Township life, take two, Mamelodi" Gtrob's photos around Mamelodi, South Africa [01:01]
A TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow of a travel blog to Mamelodi, South Africa by TravelPod blogger Gtrob titled "Township life, take two, Mamelodi" Gtrob's travel blog entry: "And so, Saturday meant returning to Pretoria, the closest thing to home I have in South Africa. I can actually drive places without a map. So, with a carload of people and bags packed to the roof, we dropped off the bags and headed to a braai for some lunch. It was great. You go in, pick out your meat (the big three, steak, chicken, boervors), throw on some communal spice, and take it out back to throw on the big on-site braai. As it's nearly cooked, you go back in and grab a couple plates of pap (maize porridge). Then, you sit around a table, scooping up pap or tearing off pieces of meat, hands only. It's... great. And with a full stomach, we rolled out east to Mamelodi, the Soweto of Pretoria. It's got a little bit less diversity and character when compared to Soweto, and doesn't have those developed bits, but it was interesting. It has drawn the spotlight some in the past few weeks, as some temporary developments were deemed unfit for occupation, and demolished by the government... but, of course, they had no alternative lined up, resulting, expectedly, in riots and chaos. My friend, Jim, who I work with, and who lives in Mamelodi, actually couldn't come to work one day due to the riots, as there was no mini-bus coming to Mamelodi. Anyway, it was a nice day, mostly spent sitting around at Jim's ...
Tags: mamelodi township, township life, township life in south africa, mamelodi south africa, mamelodi pretoria, township, life, take, two, mamelodi, cullinan, gauteng, south africa, trip, slideshow, tripwow, tripadvisor, photography, vacation, photos

"Gran Blanco y Apartheid" Doctorhugo's photos around Mossel Bay, South Africa [01:53]
A TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow of a travel blog to Mossel Bay, South Africa by TravelPod blogger Doctorhugo titled "Gran Blanco y Apartheid" Doctorhugo's travel blog entry: "Muy brevemente pero muy intensamente: nuestro viaje por Sudafrica continua. Tras el Cabo del Bueno de Esperanzo (espero que todos comprendieseis que fue una historia inventada por Paloma y por mi mientras comiamos marisco y discutiamos sobre la redundancia del nombre real)... seguimos de aventuras. Ayer toco.... ir a ver, ya ver MUY DE CERCA, tiburones blancos. Debe de ser de los pocos lugares del mundo que ofrecen excursiones para verlos, y meterte en una caja de esas de metal de los documentales a verlos aun mas de cerca. Fue sinceramente IMPRESIONANTE. Desde el barco ya los ves lo suficiente, pero desde la caja, cuando pasan por delante, los ves con todo detalle.... como abren la boca para cazar el cebo que ponen delante de la caja, y como uno de ellos, no se por que, se dedico a atacar la caja y estaba a DIEZ CENTIMETROS DE MI CARA. Su mandibula atacando, le pude ver todos los dientes y las branquias. Espectacular. Todos los que vimos median unos dos a 3 metros. Y daban un miedo, pero tambien un subidon..... Nos encanto la experiencia. Paloma no se metio en la caja por el frio del agua (exagerada!) pero lo vio perfectamente desde apenas 1 metro de distancia, en cubierta del barco. Hoy ya hemos dejado Cape Town y hemos empezado la Ruta Jardin. Paisajes preciosos, el Cabo Aguhlas (esta vez si de ...
Tags: apartheid en africa fotos, sudafrica apartheid pictures, tiburones en mossel bay, mossel bay tiburones, apartheid in south africa, gran, blanco, apartheid, mossel bay, western cape, south africa, trip, slideshow, tripwow, tripadvisor, photography, vacatio

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