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American Boys Introducing Shotgunning to the South Africans [01:02]
Filmed outside a customer appreciation event at Greenhouse Sports Bar in the Gugulethu Townships in Capetown, South Africa. Some American boys with the EESA program show some locals how beer chugging is done in the states
Tags: United States (Country), Africa, Kenya, live music, South, shotgun, shotgunning beer, beer, chug, boys, university, sports, music, drinking, cider, township, Live, performance, candid, greenhouse, sports bar, foreign exchange, tricks, college

Authentic South African Jazz [00:26]
welcome to the Langa township in capetown, south africa! Mzanga is a family owned restuarant started by an entrepreneur living in the bleek townships- their hospitality is uncanny!
Tags: dance, patta, south, africa, South Africa (Country), Kenya, Haiti, townships, poverty, restaurant, authentic, dancing, americans, zulu, africans, entrepreneurs, saxophone, Jazz, New, unseen, exposed, talent, best, music, great, food, population, United St

Floria 2012 Putrajaya, Malaysia (Flower Power) [07:04]
need some "wow" ideas to brighten up your garden or flower arrangement designs for bridal bouquets? here's a video featuring floral designs from Malaysia, USA, UK, Philippines, Netherlands, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Kenya, Taiwan, Myanmar, Indonesia, Australia, South Africa and Thailand showcasing their concepts through creative and artistic designs using a variety of colorful vibrant flowers like bougainvilleas, hibiscus, orchids, heliconia, roses, tulips etc. Enjoy the video :)
Tags: Malaysia (Country), floria, 2012, Putrajaya, Malaysia, flowers, floral, designs, hibiscus, orchid, heliconia, rose, bougainvillea, tulip, designers, USA, UK, United States (Country), United, Kingdom, United Kingdom (Country), Philippines, Netherlands, Jap

DuVine - The First Ride of the Spring [01:49]
While our bike tour season gets into full swing all over the world, we are taking advantage of spring come early at home. To get ready for the cycling tours in France, Italy, Spain, Croatia, and so much more, Andy Levine, our President and Founder, got in some sunny riding right from the office.
Tags: bike tours europe, cycling tours north america, bicycle tours latin america, bike tours middle east, cycling tours south africa, bike tours france, bike tours italy, bike tours spain, bike tours united states, bike tours argentina, bike tours croatia

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