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South Africa Family Vacation [02:34]
South Africa For Kids. Experience the wonders of Africa with DSA Vacatons in South Africa. In this clip from the upcoming TV episode Travel With Kids Africa, get a look at Johannesburg, Soweto Township and Safari with Madikwe Safari Lodge. Sandton Sun hotel in Sandton City, Johannesburg and Lalapa Lodge at Madikwe make the perfect combination for fun, adventure and luxury stays during a South African Vacation. More information at and

79 - VICTORIA FALLS [01:15]
This is a video trailer depicting only some of our most recent adventures at Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, South Africa during our 17 Day South African vacation. Victoria falls is our 10th viewed Wonder of the World in our quest to view all 17 Wonders of the World.

Nollywood Actress and UN Ambassador Chika Ike's Dubai - Miami Vacation [09:54]
Nollywood actress and un ambassador Chika Ike's Dubai, Miami vacation. Sooooo good video. Funny Video.

Vacation time: Here's an Epic reason to go! [02:38]
Feel free to share : ) and go on Vacation!! LOL Are you tired of the cold weather and need a vacation?Does work have you stressed out and growing gray hairs? Is stress affecting your health? Need a break? Maybe we can help... Lets visualize for a moment your vacation and once we're through start planning it. Now it doesn't matter how you get to your destination as long as you get there and have fun. Whether it's by plane, by train, a cruise, or road trip that's your choice. You need and deserve a vacation from all the hard work, stress, and deadlines you've had to endure. A change of scenery would be nice, wouldn't you agree? Put your work flow on pause and lets use those vacation days. While on vacation enjoy the moment.... after all you've earned it. Vacations are epic because you can go with a loved one, family or friends and create some awesome memories. Where do you plan to go for your vacation? Maybe Rio de Janeiro? The Olympics will be there soon. How about South Africa to watch the lions have lunch at noon? Ever consider the Glens of antrim in Ireland, it's beautiful there Imagine seeing the The Trevi Fountain in Rome with your own eyes? And there's always the US, when it comes to attractions I'll sum it up in one word... Epic! Gentlemen when you go on vacation with your lady you can not be cheap... Really? One word of advice... don't do it. When you get to your destination what do you plan to do? Maybe some Site seeing? How about a little golf? Maybe horseback ...

Capetown Trailer [01:41]
This is a video I created depicting our recent vacation in Capetown, South Africa on 29 January 2013.

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