Signal Hill - Spectacular Views of Cape Town

Signal Hill in Cape Town is a renowned tourist attraction. The large flat-topped hill located beside Lion's Head and looking out at nearby Table Mountain is a spectacular look-out point standing proudly between Green Point and the City Bowl. Also referred to as the Lion's Flank, Signal Hill is popular with both locals and visitors from afar.

The roadway approaching the summit of Signal Hill presents a breath-taking view of the city of Cape Town. The name Signal Hill dates back to when it was an important semaphore post used for communication with distant ships at sea. It's easy to see why this would be the ideal vantage point for such communication as the hill enjoys a 360 degree panorama of Cape Town and Table Bay. Many couples can be seen at Signal Hill, awaiting the romantic sunset and the sparkling lights of the city with the onset of night. Whilst standing atop Signal Hill on a clear day it is even possible to spot Cape Town's World Heritage Site, Robben Island. From Signal Hill visitors get an exquisite view of the length of Table Mountain, at times covered by its tablecloth cloud.

Signal Hill probably sees its greatest number of visitors at noon time when the renowned Noon Gun is fired. Located at Signal Hill's battery, the Noon Gun is just below the top of the hill. Every day at 12:00 noon a cannon shot is fired from the Noon gun, a tradition extending back many years. The South African Astronomical Observatory is responsible for the operation of the cannon. Several minutes before 12:00 an officer makes his way to the Lion's Battery carrying a bag of gun powder. The bag is then carefully inserted into the cannon's barrel. Standing behind the safety line the cannon is automatically ignited via an electronic signal from the Cape Town Observatory.

Certainly, if you are looking for a lovely picnic spot or a romantic evening, Cape Town's Signal Hill is the ideal location.


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kelvin watson - 2010-12-09 08:15:54

i just want to find out if signal hill is still open for picnics? i heard romours that it is closed. i'm planning a romantic picnic and i need to find out to do my planning. thank you in advance K Watson

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