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  • A Visit to Heia Safari Ranch

    Situated in the South African bushveld, only 40 kilometers from Pretoria and Johannesburg, the three-star Heia Safari Ranch beautifully captures the essence of Africa. Giraffe and zebras ...

  • Horse Export Ban to be Lifted

    Things are brighter for the South African horse racing industry as a two year ban imposed by the European Union (EU) may be lifted by the end of the month. The ban was imposed following an ...

  • Khaya La Bantu Cultural Experience

    The Eastern Cape is a province in South Africa that is culturally rich and blanketed in history, with leaders such as Nelson Mandela being born here. To assist travelers in experiencing the ...

  • FreeMe Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre

    Located in Johannesburg, the FreeMe Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre was founded in 1997 to care for suburban indigenous wildlife in distress. FreeMe offers a service that most veterinarians ...

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  • Western Cape


    On the magnificently beautiful Garden Route of South Africa is a quaint town by the name of Sedgefield, which falls under the Western Cape Province. Located almost exactly halfway between Knysna and George, Sedgefield is the perfect central destination to explore this entire region from. With ample comfortable accommodation options, all that visitors are required to do is to enjoy the ...

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    Get in on the fun! South Africa Forums are filled with people from around the world talking about South African culture, current events, cuisine and everything South Africa. Meet people from all over the world exchange ideas and opinions all the while, making new friends.

  • Activities


    Shopping has been dubbed by many as ‘retail therapy’, because for millions it is the ultimate way to relax and enjoy oneself. It makes people happy and it provides a form of escape from the everyday worries that a person must normally confront. Because of this, shopping has become a favorite pastime for millions of people all over the world. What people enjoy shopping for may vary ...

  • Hotels

    Sheraton Hotels

    Sheraton Pretoria Hotel - The Sheraton Pretoria Hotel is situated in close proximity to the Union Building, the official seat of the government, incorporating the offices of the President of South Africa. Set in beautifully manicured gardens, this imposing structure has been declared a national monument. When stepping into the Sheraton Pretoria Hotel, guests will soon see that this ...

  • Theatres

    Theatres in Durban

    Durban is a place where the people are as warm as the atmosphere. Here the exciting mixture of color, culture and lifestyle adds a certain spice to life that is quite different from anywhere else in the country. The theatrical scene in Durban is quite distinctive and must be experienced to be fully understood. Many find that it provides great insight into the lives of those who live and ...

  • Gauteng


    Consisting of thirty-two suburbs, the town of Randburg lies on the northwestern boundary of Johannesburg in the Gauteng Province of South Africa. Taking its name from the South African currency which in 1959 replaced the pound sterling, Randburg was awarded town status in July of that same year.

  • Bars And Clubs

    Durban Bars and Clubs

    Durban is the hot and spicy center of South Africa's KwaZulu Natal Province. During the day the big attraction is the ocean as holidaymakers swim, surf, kite surf, jetski, kayak, suntan, relax and so the list goes on. But when the sun sets over the Indian Ocean, holidaymakers and trendy Durbanites head off to the city’s vibrant bars and clubs to party the night away. Live music, showcasing ...


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