Fiddlers Creek Campsite – Simply Relax!

Fiddlers Creek Campsite is situated in Vioolsdrift, on the Orange River in Namaqualand. Fiddlers Creek Campsite not only accommodates campers, but it is the Base Camp for the Bushwhacked Outdoor Adventure Company. The campsite, on the river front, has large grass banks and grassed camping sites. The scenic views over the Richtersveld mountain ranges, provides breathtaking sunsets and secluded moments of pure relaxation and time to reflect on the days activities.

The Namaqualand is famous for its color extravaganza in late fall, when the winter rains drench the dry land and cause the landscape to come alive with a sea of flowers. This visual natural wonder has inspired many artists and writers, and many canvases have depicted the beauty of Namaqualand. It is all these qualities that enrich the Fiddlers Creek Campsite. The campsite is a base to 4×4 Richtersveld excursions and Orange River Rafting adventures. There are ten campsites available of which seven are designed to accommodate large groups. The Fiddlers Creek Campsite also offers private 4×4 campsites or settle into a larger overland campsite. The campsite at Fiddlers Creek is equipped with electricity, showers, cold and hot water, washing up areas and public telephone. Although a flushing toilet might seem as a trivial household accessory, it is considered a luxury in this area. Braai facilities are also available. Under cover kitchens, complete with work top counters, lights and running water are at the campsites, although it is not advisable to drink the water without boiling it first.

The Fiddlers Creek Campsite caters for large groups, and has a bar and catering area at the waterfront. The Bozbavok Bar remains open till 23:30 every night and is only open to campers. Catered lunches consist of vegetable and meat pastries, cold drinks and various salads. Dinner is always accompanied by salads, fresh vegetables and home made bread. Main course however can either be a buffet that has a variety of mixed grill, pot roasts and potjiekos, or a mouth watering spit braai. Fiddlers Creek Campsite is a combination of adventure and beauty, with never a dull moment!

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