Noorspoort Guest Farm and Campsite – Explore the African Bushveld

The lovely Noorspoort Guest Farm is located near the small town of Steytlerville in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. Run by the Craven family, now in its sixth generation on the farm, Noorspoort Guest Farm has everything you could want in a vacation and more. From fun-filled camping to endless activities, Noorspoort is a delight for the entire family and easy on your pocket.

Noorspoort Guest Farm encompasses beautiful landscape abundant in animal life. Choose from a variety of accommodation including the 3-star Noorspoort Lodge, self-catering unit, caravan park, hiking huts, Skuur Aaal Slaap (shed), Oudepos self catering house and of course camping. In fact, eager campers also have a diverse selection of sleeping spots. The Boma, located on beside the Groot Gamtoos River, offers visitors magnificent views and unforgettable sunsets. Set your own tent up here and take advantage of amenities such as a braai area (barbecue), bush toilet and bush shower. Enjoy total isolation and the pleasure of being surrounded by nature. Alternatively, visitors to Noorspoort can enjoy pure bush camping. Grab your backpack and head out into the open veld, with or without a guide. Noorspoort allows you to set up camp anywhere in an 8 000 hectare area. Be sure to bring a good tent, water and your camera. Another option for campers is the Cave. This requires a 3 hour hike from the guest farm and you’ll really be roughing it with no ablutions, mattresses or water.

There is so much to do at Noorspoort that you will always find yourself entertained. They are currently constructing a 4-day hike, but in the meantime you can enjoy a day walk or 3-day walk across the karoo landscape. Whilst traversing the terrain you are likely to spot cycads, fynbos, succulents and aloes. Wildlife at Noorspoort Guest Farm is abundant and includes kudu, gemsbuck, blue wildebeest, zebra, duiker, klipspringer, monitor lizards, snakes, bushpig, vervet monkeys, baboons, bat-eared fox, civet, jackal, leopard, porcupine and aardvark to mention a few. Avid bird watchers can try to spot some of the 200 bird species in the area.

Included amongst Noorspoort’s great activities are several courses. Some of these fascinating, educational experiences are astronomy or star-gazing, geology field trips, bee-keeping, geese farming, accredited tour guide, bird watching, medicinal plant identification, classical music appreciation and scuba diving. Visitors will also be delighted with the opportunity to feed the resident tame kudu, Boeta. Noorspoort Guest Farm certainly offers an unforgettable South African camping adventure.

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