Vaalkop Dam – Camping, Fishing and Bird Watching Galore

Vaalkop Dam Nature Reserve is considered by many to be an angler's dream come true as well as a popular bird watching location. Situated some 54 km from Brits to the north-east of Rustenburg, this lovely reserve is a great way to get some peace and quiet and get back in touch with nature. The dam covers 1 045 hectares, offering plenty of opportunities for water sports.

Camping at Vaalkop Dam is inexpensive and the site fee includes the angling fee. A maximum of 6 people may make use of a campsite at Vaalkop Dam Nature Reserve. The majority of the roads are suitable for cars. Certain roadways on the south-east side may require a 4×4 vehicle. Camping sites have ablution blocks. Stock up on goods before getting there as there is no shop, nor any fuel available at the dam. The closest town is just 10 km away though.

Located in the Crocodile River valley, Vaalkop Dam enjoys mild to hot summers but icy winters. Vaalkop dam boasts to being a top angling destination. Fish species in the dam, such as yellowfish and carp, are abundant making it the ideal angling stop. Speak to some of the regulars at the dam to find out what the best bait is. Boating is restricted to specific areas of the dam, allowing visitors to reach the dam’s center island as well as some of the particularly good fishing spots. About 800 hectares of the water has been allocated for water sports enthusiasts. Whilst fishing or playing in the waters you are likely to spot some interesting wildlife including game species.

The 3 996 hectare Vaalkop Dam nature reserve is definitely a bird watchers paradise. More than 340 bird species are said to reside in the area. An area of 800 ha on the reserve has been demarcated as a bird sanctuary and entrance into this area has to be booked in advance. Amongst the great bird species to spot here are the African Fish Eagle, Pygmy Kingfisher, Black Eagle, Osprey, African Hawk Eagle, Pale Chanting Goshawk, Cape Penduline Tit and Bluecheeked Bee-eater. This conservation area is located at the furtherest point of the dam wall.

Vaalkop Dam Nature Reserve is a close enough from Johannesburg and Pretoria to make it a fantastic day outing for the family or a weekend camping getaway.

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