Crocodile Cage Diving for Adrenaline Junkies

Many adrenaline junkies head for the ocean for a shark cage diving thrill, but now you can experience a similar thrill inland with crocodile cage diving. This breath-taking activity has been recently introduced in Oudtshoorn at the Cango Wildlife Ranch. Crocodile cage diving is only for the courageous as the massive 4 m long Nile crocodiles are well-known to view man as prey. Prepare yourself for a chilling, but exciting experience.

Crocodiles are amongst the world’s super predators. They are well-adapted to strike quickly, making a dramatic kill. Crocodiles typically hunt from the water, dragging their prey down and drowning them. Visitors to Cango Wildlife Ranch who are brave enough to attempt this adrenaline-pumping feat are slowly lowered into the heated crocodile pool along with 5 large Nile crocodiles. Adventurers are protected from the predators by a specially designed cage. A crocodile’s bite pressure is more than 2 tons per square inch, so the cage has been made to withstand such power. Visitors are equipped with goggles and a snorkel, so you do not need any scuba diving experience to take part in this thrilling activity. As you float, guarded by the strong cage, the crocodiles swim around you sizing you up as a tasty snack. A photograph of you with the frightening creatures is provided to prove that you had the guts to face them.

Whilst in the cage you can observe these amazing carnivores pushing powerfully through the water. Consider their short legs, thick tails, the scaly scutes along the back and their impressive jaws. Careful camouflage ensures they remain hidden from view, all the better when hunting prey. Interestingly, crocodiles are the only reptiles with a four-chambered heart to keep their blood efficiently oxygenated. Crocodiles are also able to hold their breath for about 2 hours, particularly when threatened, however, most of the time they’re threatening. When hunting they will frequently take down large prey, such as antelope, which come to the water to drink. A brilliantly designed predator, the Nile crocodile deserves the greatest respect.

A crocodile cage diving adventure in South Africa will cost a few hundred rand, but it is well worth the excitement of a once in a life time experience. This unique opportunity is currently only possible in South Africa, so gather up your courage and give it a go.

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