Day Trips – Fun-filled Tours and Attractions

South Africa is not only a beautiful place to go but it also offers many great attractions that will enrich your holiday and make it more enjoyable. Many of these attractions can be strung together to make a day filled with interesting and diverse activities but there are a few which take more than a few hours to enjoy and will keep you busy and entertained for the whole day. These day trips in South Africa can be found in most major tourist areas and usually need to be booked in advance. However, they will introduce you to some of the country's most interesting attractions and are usually well worth trying.

A day trip may include a tour of a particular location such as the trip to Robben Island which features not only a boat ride to and from the island but also a tour of the prison facilities which once kept Nelson Mandela prisoner for almost twenty years. Or, if you’re that does not appeal to you, you can enjoy a boat cruise in Cape Town Harbor which is a great way to see the coast and work on your suntan at the same time. Your day trip in South Africa may also have historical appeal such as the Shakaland Zulu Experience or the Anglo-Zulu War Battlefields – both of which are in Natal. The Soweto Tour is both a historical and contemporary day trip with a unique jazzy vibe while a tour of the Premier Diamond Mine in Pretoria will make your eyes sparkle.

Of course, the most popular day trips are usually those involving some of South Africa’s stunning wildlife such as a trip to the Lion and Rhino Park in Gauteng or to the Seaview Lion Park in Port Elizabeth. Other attractions are more cultural such as the Lesedi Cultural Village tour or the Wineland Tours which can be enjoyed across the Cape. We have listed a few of the more popular day trips in South Africa to help you make a better informed decision regarding which one you would most like to experience on your next holiday. Why not browse through them and book ahead to make sure you don’t miss out?

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