Boat Cruises in Cape Town Harbour – Fantastic Day Tour

One of the best ways to experience the rugged splendor of Cape Town’s coast is to spend a day aboard one of the many boats which offer day tours from Cape Town’s harbor or other surrounding landing points. In this way you can get as close as possible to the amazing rocky cliffs of the Cape Peninsula where the waters of the Atlantic Ocean swirl and crash against this rocky outcrop. Only 200 km southeast of the Cape Peninsula (also known as the Cape of Good Hope) lies Cape Agulhas – the meeting point of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans.

There is a lot to see around the coast of Cape Town which will no doubt add to your experience as you enjoy the gentle lapping of the waves against the side of your boat. For one thing you can enjoy the many beaches around the coast from a different perspective. You can also view attractions such as Hout Bay, Chapman’s Peak, Table Mountain and Cape Point from a whole new angle. You may be fortunate enough to see whales, dolphins, Great White Sharks and other marine animals in the waters beside you as you relax and enjoy the fresh sea breeze against your skin. You might also choose to take a trip past Seal Island – the only place in the world where the Great White Sharks breach the water in order to dive-bomb their prey. It makes for a truly unforgettable experience. Other wildlife you might expect to see in abundance includes penguins and seagulls.

Of course, the best aspect of going on a boat cruise in Cape Town is the unforgettable scenery that you will enjoy along the way. Being a coastal town that was largely built up around harbor activities, Cape Town is one of South Africa’s most scenic cities. Despite the frigid waters, it is a very water-orientated city and you will find that large numbers of its inhabitants head out to sea on a variety of vessels every weekend. Others take to the beaches and either swim, surf or body board. However, many would argue that the best way to enjoy the sea is to get in a boat and head away from land where the sounds of the city cease and the gentle lapping of waves is the only sound that remains constant. Book your boat cruise in Cape Town today and look forward to enjoying a great day trip.

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