Lesedi Cultural Village – The Authentic African Experience

North from Johannesburg, is the Lesedi Cultural Village, also known as the Lesedi African Lodge. It is located amongst the rocky hills and picturesque bushveld, brimming with culture and the Xhosa, Pedi, Zulu, Basotho and Ndebele traditions. Lesedi Cultural Village is close enough to Johannesburg to make it a day trip, or you are welcome to stay overnight. There are two unique experiences offered at the Lesedi African Lodge, namely the Monati in the morning and the Boma in the afternoon. Although there is a set program, groups and programs can be accommodated on request.

The Monati experience starts at 11:30 in the morning or can be combined with the Boma experience in the evening, where you are welcomed in the car park by a drink and a traditional African greeting. You are then whisked away to the Ndebele Village, with Ndebele murals decorating the walls, and browse through the African Craft market. The history and origin of the people in South Africa is presented in a multi-visual theatre, after which you are invited to tour four homesteads namely Pedi, Xhosa, Zulu and Basotho homesteads. Visitors and guests can then relax with a quiet drink at the bar, before heading toward the Boma.

The Boma Experience consists of each village entertaining the visitors with songs and dance traditional to their culture. Be sure to be wearing your dancing shoes, as guests are often enticed into joining the festive dancing around the fire. The evening then slowly winds down toward the Nyama Choma restaurant, where a Pan Africa Feast is served.

Employers that are looking for an interesting team building day will experience just that. The Lesedi Cultural Village is the only location that offers unique team building activities such as traditional stick fighting, spear throwing, engaging in a traditional African drinking game (Shiaya Ukhamba) and learning the skills of bird hunting. Teams will participate in a treasure hunt by solving clues left by the “Tokeloshe”, have a Cultural Quiz and enter into a dance competition after learning the basics from traditional dancers.

For a truly unique day excursion or team building day experience, the Lesedi Cultural Village provides all the fun and education you could hope for.

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