Apple Express Steam Train – Fun-filled Day Trip in Port Elizabeth

If you’re looking for a great story-book kind of experience, then the Apple Express may be just the sort of day trip you had in mind. In a world where everything that surrounds us is high tech, fast paced and impersonal, this charming little narrow gauge steam train seems to defy progress in a friendly and lackadaisical way. This is the sort of train you can imagine your great grandparents taking on their journeys to fame, fortune and adventure at a time when cars were a novelty and the whole world seemed to enjoy a slower rhythm. So climb onboard for a wonderful adventure.

Today the wonder of steam trains has become something of a novelty. With many steam trains being assigned to the scrap heaps and many others taking a stationary position in museums, there are very few working steam trains still in use. This makes the Apple Express steam train in Port Elizabeth a real treat since visitors are not only able to see how it works, but they can also enjoy a ride on it.

The unique Port Elizabeth Apple Express has been in operation since 1903. This thrilling adventure will take passengers over the highest narrow gauge bridge worldwide: Van Stadens Bridge, which stands at 77 metres. This is a marvelous way to explore Port Elizabeth and its surroundings. A variety of trips and options are available, from wedding plans to corporate functions and more. Special weekend trips involve wonderful accommodation and a thrilling train ride. So why not step back through time and enjoy a day aboard the Apple Express.

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